Asset and People Tracking IoT Platform

Improve control & profitability of your assets by utilizing real-time insights and predicting future events

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A fully integrated tracking solution designed from the ground up to track any asset or device.

Harnessing your data continuously, we collect performance and diagnostic data from every tracked asset, whether your tracking people, animals, trucks or devices. You define policies for reports and alerts. Harnessing your data you can define for example on a maintenance schedule that effectively addresses issues while maximizing uptime and maintaining warranty status. For fleet managers can now keep a close eye on unsafe behaviours, like excessive speed, hard braking, sudden shifts in vehicle position and driver break times, and be notified in real time.

From tracking thousands of crates and their inventory levels in real time

To tracking people in Chicago

Benefits & Outcomes

Enhance your business operations harnessing the power of your data

Increased productivity

We translate your location based data into insights & action. By making data-backed decisions Improve your productivity and lower your operational costs

Real time Analytics & Monitoring 

Real-Time Data Stream Processing continuously collects data as it’s generated and promptly reacts to critical information.
Visualize data and obtain valuable business insight on devices, people, assets ,and more.

Better control less surprises

Understand the complete picture of your tracked assets. From location, to violation. know in real time where they are and get alerted when they are not where they should be.

Predictive analytics

Leveraging your organization’s business knowledge,  real time location data and applying our sophisticated data analysis techniques start surfacing potential issues before they happen.

Remote device Management

Register devices with unique identifiers for authentication. Inject metadata into raw device data. Create device groups for easier bulk management. Send commands to devices on-demand.

Device and Data Agnostic

Designed to be able to talk to any device and any protocol. No matter what data sets and information you send we can understand and process it.

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Set up custom rules & alerts

Monitor detailed information like odometer, coolant temperature, battery voltage, diagnostic trouble codes and fuel levels, and set thresholds for acceptable operating conditions. Telemetry will automatically send email alerts, via the AMM, to single or multiple recipients so action can be taken as needed.

Use predictive analytics to Improve reliability & safety

Build and deliver custom IoT asset tracking solutions quickly that allow your customers to be more competitive with real-time IoT data. Uncover new business changing opportunities by understanding better how your assets are used and what their data is telling you. Take it a step further and use predictive analytics to detect issues before they happen

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