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How is IoT Changing the Face of Data Science?

As the demand for data driven solutions increase, so does the need for new and unique data sources.
There is data everywhere, and IOT ready devices are a incredible source of these unique new data sources. But accessing the data in the real world is complex and needs new unique capabilities, traditionally not held at data companies. This is where Rayven comes into play. Rayven makes it ridiculously easy for data companies to access real word data in real time from multiple sources, whether its sensors, devices, gateways, systems, machines and contextualize it and prepare it to be analyzed by data science teams.


A fully integrated enterprise solution designed to process a constant stream of complex data

Packed full of features

Everything integrated for you to launch your IoT solution

Connect to any system or device

By using data from multiple, disparate sources to optimize re-order parameters by part and by location, bi-directional data integration connecting to source systems to update reorder parameters.

Input data in any structure

Our entire platform is covered by a SSL/TLS stack to provide maximum security in the cloud. It’s what provides the mechanism for point-to-point encryption on all HTTPS transactions,and it secures a number of other TCP/IP data transmissions. But that wasn’t enough for us.

Cloud based Rules, Event and Triggers

Design custom business rules, events & triggers in minutes using our drag & drop tools. Whether they come from external and internal data points. Our solution provides you with endless event-driven capabilities.

See Rayven in action 

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Endless business opportunities

The amount of value created from IoT depends on how well you define your business logic, aggregate, automate and draw insights from the data you’re retrieving and how fast you can analyze and react to this data  and optimize your operations accordingly.With our visual lot business logic design tools, you can define endless business logic and custom actionable insights to insure your maximizing the value created from your data.

  • Connect to any device

  • Send data across any network
  • Unlimited Rules,Event and Triggers
  • Actionable data insights

Bringing actionable insights to the cloud and edge

IoT is creating new opportunities by expanding the variety, quantity and quality of useful data that can be collected, processed and analyzed.

Being able to access and analyze all this data can be challenging, especially when you need to react fast. By creating custom analytics and monitoring dashboards,together with pre defined automatic actions and leveraging machine learning, based on your business objectives, you are now able in near real time to automatic react in any way you can imagine to any scenario you can imagine to any scenario you can imagine, both in the cloud or on the edge.

  • Pre define actionable insight rules and events
  • Custom design Dashboards and monitoring
  • Get notified no matter where you are
  • Be able to react fast when things are happening

A solution that fits your business needs

Whether you are after an industry specific or solutions across the multiple industries our platform is design to provide specialized, integrated solutions to solve your industry and business challenges. Using our unique data acquisition and processing methodology. We are able surfaces valuable actionable insights to improve operations, create efficiencies and enable your business to enovative.

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