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The power of action and intelligence in energy & utilities

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Smart Water, Gas & Electric Utilities

Smart meters layered with machine learning is revolutionizing how utility companies are managing their assets, and making faster and better decisions. These smart devices together with the data they collect are enabling utility companies to more effectively plan and manage energy or water flow into houses and buildings. IoT is having a major impact on many industries with in the utility sector, from the energy industry, water, electric, oil, and gas utilities, resulting in better capacity planning,  asset utilization, less downtime, less waste which together is creating huge financial benefit.

We know that bringing together data from different systems is sometimes challenging. Not to mention building rules and processes for those systems to talk to each other. That’s where we come in.

A analytics and business intelligence solution for energy and utilities, that offers applications and capabilities to help improve asset maintenance, asset utilization and performance management.

leverage your data to make better and more intelligence decisions in real time. Harnesses the power of IoT and machine learning to improve efficiencies and create new business opportunists. Imagine using devices that dynamically manage the electric grid — improving safety, reliability and ultimately, profitability. This is what we call true distributed intelligence.

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Business intelligence for improved asset utilization and performance

Slice and dice your data to the most granular level to identify new issues and new opportunities ,to make better informed business decisions.

Packed full of features

Everything integrated for you to launch your IoT solution

Powerful Infrastructure

The rayven infrastructure is designed for unlimited scalability and maximum redundancy. Using a Multi-Availability Zone(Multi-AZ) and horizontal scaling architectures, hosted on the cloud across redundant servers and mirrored across geographically separated centers.

Secure and Encrypted

Our entire platform is covered by a SSL/TLS stack to provide maximum security in the cloud. It’s what provides the mechanism for point-to-point encryption on all HTTPS transactions,and it secures a number of other TCP/IP data transmissions. But that wasn’t enough for us.

Rules, Event and Triggers

Design custom business rules, events & triggers in minutes using our drag & drop tools. Whether they come from external and internal data points. Our solution provides you with endless event-driven capabilities.

Analytics & Monitoring 

Real-Time Data Stream Processing continuously collects data as it’s generated from devices and promptly reacts to critical information.
Examine and visualize data and obtain valuable business insight on devices, users, usage,and more.

Device Management

Register devices with unique identifiers for authentication. Inject metadata into raw device data. Create device groups for easier bulk management. Send commands to devices on-demand. Commands are actions that can be performed by the device.

Device and Data Agnostic

Designed to be able to talk to any device and any protocol. Since Rayven is data agnostic, no matter what data sets and information you send we can understand and process it. Rayven will automatically discover all available devices/sensors in the network environment.

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