Solving your environmental monitoring and compliance challenges, simply and affordably.

Solving your environmental monitoring and compliance challenges, simply and affordably.

Rayven’s cloud-based Environmental Intelligence solution is ready-to-go, designed to address all of your environmental management and compliance needs, providing you and your team with real-time, 24/7 transparency and auditability.

Rayven's Environmental Intelligence solution has all of your needs covered

Empower your team with forecasting and predictions, actionable insights, real-time alerts and notifications, visualizations, and reporting – Rayven’s Environmental Intelligence solution has everything you and your team needs to always stay one step ahead.

Air Quality Monitoring

Get real-time insights of air quality and ensure environmental compliance, reducing the risk of breaches and fines.

Noise Monitoring

Real-time noise monitoring enables you to ensure that you’re operating within regulatory-defined levels and curfews.

Odor Monitoring

Operate efficiently and meet your local community’s demands with proactive odor monitoring and wastewater management solutions.

Dust Monitoring

Detection, assessment, and control of particulate matter or dust allows you to reduce risk, stay on schedule and lower capital expenditure.

Water Quality Monitoring

Detect and calculate the amount of chemical residue present in water at any moment via real-time analysis.

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent asset monitoring allows you to predict and prevent failures, improving safety and efficiency.

Get started in weeks for as little as $3,000 per year

Rayven’s ready-to-go, cloud-based Environmental Intelligence solution will give you all the environmental monitoring abilities that you need in weeks, with no hidden-costs, all for a simple monthly fee.

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Get started in weeks for as little as $3,000 per year

Download Rayven's Environmental Intelligence solution brochure


Download Rayven's Environmental Intelligence solution brochure

The ready-to-go, affordable solution with everything you need (and more)

Designed to be future-proof, Rayven’s flexible platform allows you to bring data from any source, including air quality, noise, odor, dust, water or any other environmental monitoring systems into one place for real-time monitoring, analysis and optimization.

Affordable & Fast-to-Deploy

Rayven’s solutions are affordable and quick to get up-and-running, meaning you can get near-instant results from your spend.

Integrates with Anything

Rayven’s Environmental Intelligence solution is built on our IoT platform, which can integrate with every one of your existing technologies and systems – guaranteed.

Completely Secure

The Environmental Intelligence solution has enterprise-security built-in, featuring data encryption and other security techniques and technologies at all points of the IoT environment.

Solution technology stack

Rayven’s Environmental Intelligence solution is built on our world-leading, enterprise-level IoT platform and features everything that you get from the core platform, including its drag-and-drop interface and Machine Learning Workbench, but is pre-configured to deliver what you need from it out-of-the-box.


Technology stack diagram


Get the complete picture by using our extensive range of ready-to-go IoT connectors. You can funnel all of your data into Rayven’s IoT platform, giving you a true single source of truth to drive real business outcomes.

Data Integrity.

You can’t make a business decision without complete confidence that the data you are looking at is 100% complete and accurate. Rayven has developed proprietary processes that can ensure its integrity.

Data Science.

Rayven’s industrial data science team lives and breathes data, uniquely understanding the value it can bring to your business. IoT is not about collecting lots of data, it’s about collecting the right data and doing smart things with it, and our experts will ensure you get the most out of it.


Rayven's Environmental Intelligence solution gives you everything you need for real-time, 24/7 monitoring & compliance in one place.

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