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Leveraging real-time data to improve processes, equipment maintenance, and the way your patient get care

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Making data-driven decisions to improve processes and patient care

The combination of IOT & AI is having a major impact on how healthcare is provided. As asset and patient monitoring allows healthcare service providers to understand more about their patients, the power of the cloud enables intelligent feedback loops that personalise healthcare in remarkable ways.

Room level visibility

Lets you easily see how each room and patient is performing , automated alerts can inform care takers on any issues in real time

Track equipment usage

Tracking usage in real time gives healthcare organizations the level of visibility they need to insure their equipment is utilized to maximize productivity

Monitor people

Real-time hospital patient tracking to improve patient flow in the OR, ED and Clinics allowing you to drill right down to an individual patient’s experience

Monitor healthcare assets

Tracking inventory & assets in real time gives organizations the level of visibility they need to maximize their resources and saves millions on lost equipment

Maintain vital equipment

Continually enhance patient care and help keep them safe with accurate, comprehensive monitoring data and algorithms for critical equipment

Better decisions & care

Providing decision makers , easy to understand, real-time view of how critical parts of their healthcare organization are performing, so they can make better decisions.

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