Meet the growing demand for high-quality and high-volume produce.

Using data and Agriculture AI + IoT solutions to increase farm efficiency, lower costs, reduce waste, and improve the quality of your yields.


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Making the right decisions without real time data can be hard.

A growing population demands more produce with higher standards for quality, regardless of the environmental challenges caused by weather conditions and climate change. Your farm can adopt new technologies to gain an edge.

At Rayven, we have a range of Agriculture AI + IoT solutions that can help farmers deploy high-tech farming techniques to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day work. Using sensors and smartphones, farmers can now remotely monitor their equipment and crops in real-time, and utilize predictive analytics to predict when issues will happen.



The future of agriculture lies with smart and precision farming to lower costs, reduce waste, and improve farm quality and yield.

The availability of sensors and long-distance communications has opened up Agriculture to opportunities to monitor and manage livestock, crops, soil, weather, irrigation and farm machinery continuously from the homestead. Rayven's Agriculture AI + IoT solutions can bring everything together for you and make your operation easier and more profitable to run by utilizing forecasting and predictive analytics.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

Get the most from time in the field

You have a limited window for planting, irrigating, fertilizing and harvesting. Maximize that time by monitoring and managing equipment downtime proactively.

Greater efficiency

Better understanding of weather conditions, soil moisture and health lead to more efficient application of irrigation and fertilizer.

Harness your field data

Realize more accurate and reliable outcomes by incorporating location-specific data into your modelling.

Monitor livestock and crops

Continuously monitor the location and health of your livestock, soil and weather conditions in the field, and gain total control in greenhouses.

Remote management

Rayven’s Agriculture AI + IoT solutions not only allow you to monitor multiple sites but to also remotely control devices in the field such as pumps.

Improve maintenance

Continuously monitored asset usage allows you to centrally plan for maintenance instead of waiting for assets to fail or break in the middle of harvest.

Measurable outcomes for agriculture & farming.

Measurable outcomes for agriculture & farming.

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Less machinery downtime


Increased yield


Reduced operational costs


Single source of truth for your farm.

Use AI, machine learning, real-time data and data visualizations to make smarter farming decisions using Rayven's Agriculture AI + IoT solutions.

Monitor variables - increase yields.

Monitor variables

Personalised dashboards - alerts and live updates.

Personalised dashboards

Historical tracking - compare and contrast performance.

Historical tracking

Integrate 3rd-party data - integrate weather, light and more.

Integrate 3rd-party data

Rayven's key features:

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Agriculture AI + IoT solutions can be programmed to do just about anything. A complete solution, you can easily align it to help you to achieve your goals.


Rayven’s Agriculture AI + IoT solutions utilize our unique codeless, drag and drop platform. What this means is that anyone can use it to create a working solution or tailor it to your precise needs.

Low cost

The simplicity of Rayven’s Agriculture AI + IoT solutions means that you can quickly and cheaply design and deploy a solution, allowing you to test its benefit before growing it to make further improvements.

Enterprise security

The security of your data is of paramount importance and Rayven’s Agriculture AI + IoT solutions has that as one of its core principles. With Rayven-owned and designed tools, no IoT platform is safer.

Amazing support and services

IoT can be complex, so our customer service is there to support you 24/7. With a team full of experts with different specialisms, we can help you with all your needs, whenever you need our help.

White labelled

It may be really important to you and your customers to have continuity in the look and feel of your technology solutions, so Rayven’s Agriculture AI + IoT solutions can be modified to carry your brand and livery.

Some of Rayven's Agriculture AI + IoT solutions' use cases:

Farming Automation, Water Monitoring and Irrigation Optimization
Farming Automation

Farming Automation, Water Monitoring and Irrigation Optimization

Farmers are under increasing pressure to produce more with less - more yield with less water, less labour and less time. Our real-time AI + IoT solutions let farmers use low-cost data to save time and money. Read More

Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization
Facility Monitoring & Optimization

Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization

The rapid growth in demand for non-traditional crops, as well as ongoing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, has created opportunities for greenhouse farming, but has also placed pressure on delivery, costs and product quality. Read More

Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization
Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization

Any organization with yellow goods depends on maximizing their utilization, reliability and safety for ultimate business success. When they're always in motion and downtime is the enemy, AI + IoT solutions are the answer to optimizing their use. Read More

Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring
Analytics, Condition & Performance Monitoring

Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring

Our customer wanted to meet the demand for a faultless solar array performance and power generation IoT solution, which was also capable of improving the handling of maintenance issues which, at the time, was highly-inefficient. Read More

Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Wastewater pumping stations are an intrinsic part of the sewerage network, raising sewerage from gravity-fed pits to extend transmission over longer distances. As such, they are often located in built-up urban areas, operate regularly and can quickly cause problems when they fail. Read More

Cold Storage Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency
Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency

Cold Storage Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency

Discover how our AI + IoT solution enabled our customer to better monitor their cold storage environment, ensuring that their products are stored at the correct temperatures and that they comply with food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Read More

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