Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Energy is one of the biggest expenses for commercial and industrial businesses.

It could soon be that improving your energy efficiency will become a matter of survival and Rayven's Energy Efficiency IoT solutions will enable you to find new ways of operating and savings in real-time.

Turn your real-time energy data into meaningful savings opportunities

Getting energy data transparency through Rayven's Energy Efficiency IoT solutions will enable you to discover new opportunities to reduce costs and improve your assets' energy performance.

The simplicity and non-invasive nature of Rayven's Energy Efficiency IoT solutions ensures that your data is live quickly and with minimal effort or cost, and combines them with powerful analytics and energy efficiency to identify savings opportunities. We can do this by combining simple wireless energy meters to measure and stream your energy consumption in real-time and then display it in customizable cloud-based dashboards, making it quick and easy to access anywhere.

Energy Efficiency

Discover new opportunities to reduce costs & improve your energy performance

Turn energy costs from overheads to direct costs by combining energy usage with your KPIs with continuous, real-time, and granular reporting in Rayven's Energy Efficiency IoT solutions.

Energy performance on a machine level

It’s not enough to just meter energy, you have to understand what drives consumption.
Understanding how idle machinery, building services, compressors, fans, conveyors all contribute to your energy consumption and how you can reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Identify energy inefficiencies

Efficient energy usage inside buildings is a major problem, particularly for HVAC systems: over 30% of the global energy consumption resides in HVAC usage inside buildings. Usage awareness and efficient management of HVAC have the potential to significantly reduce related costs.

Energy forecasting

Unlock the true energy consumption of all your assets. Layer additional data to understand whether your assets are utilizing energy in the most cost effective way to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Energy optimisation

Imagine knowing where all of your stock, orders, trucks, people and equipment are whenever you need to know. Decision making is enhanced, service levels are increased and risk and costs are significantly reduced.

Equipment fault detection

Seamlessly manage and automate the flow of information, automatically defining work flow activity and create custom KPI dashboards that result in better management decision making, all in one place.

Predict maintenance

Rayven’s Energy Efficiency IoT solutions are fully flexible, cheap to scale, and can be easily adapted to incorporate additional use cases so that you can extend the benefits of your solution across your organization.

Measurable energy efficiency outcomes

Measurable energy efficiency outcomes

Lower energy consumption


Improved sustainability


Reduced energy costs


Increased uptime


Reduced maintenance runs

- 9%

Single source of truth for all of your energy usage

See, understand and improve asset performance in real-time using data, AI and machine learning through Rayven's Energy Efficiency IoT solutions.

Real-time dashboard - see how everything is performing.

Real-time dashboard

See how to improve - using machine learning.

See how to improve

Compare & contrast - understand historical performance.

Compare & contrast

Real-time alerts - identify and understand issues instantly.

Real-time alerts

Rayven's key features

Completely flexible

The endless flexibility of Rayven’s Energy Efficiency IoT solutions mean that we can cater for every one of your organizations’ needs and achieve your business goals.


The platform that Rayven’s Energy Efficiency IoT solutions is built on is our own drag and drop, codeless platform. It’s so easy to use that even non-programmers can create and tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Low cost

Rayven’s Energy Efficiency IoT solutions and our approach to project delivery makes it inexpensive and fast to deploy. From there, you can measure, tweak and then scale to make the most of your platform.

Enterprise security

Rayven takes security incredibly seriously. The platform that our Energy Efficiency IoT solutions is built on had it as its primary tenet, so you data is secure anywhere in your IoT environment.

Amazing support and service

Rayven’s customer service sets us apart from similar companies and platform. We offer 24/7 support and, on top of technical expertise, our data scientists can help you to do more with what you have.

White labelled

Rayven’s Energy Efficiency IoT solutions can be fully white labelled to fit your brand’s own look and feel.

Some of Rayven's Energy Efficiency IoT solutions' use cases:

Plastic Recycling Plant Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Plastic Recycling Plant Energy Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of a plastics recycling plant through the use of energy efficiency IoT technology did much more than provide clarity over costs - it enabled savings to be found that made a significant impact on profitability. Read More

Industrial HVAC Predictive Maintenance & Energy Efficiency
Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Industrial HVAC Predictive Maintenance & Energy Efficiency

Industrial HVAC consumes large amounts of energy and requires continuous management oversight - our IoT solution makes this easy and enables you to save time and money in the process. Read More

Food Production Efficiency
Food Manufacturing

Food Production Efficiency

Our client was concerned about yield losses, product giveaway, and an inability to reach daily production targets. We solved their business problems and improved OEE with an IoT solution that provides vital information in real-time on key machines in the production process. Read More

Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage
Manufacturing OEE Monitoring

Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage

Measuring manufacturing OEE is best practice, but doing it accurately, consistently, and in real-time, can be a significant challenge for many manufacturers - that's where Rayven's Manufacturing OEE IoT solution comes in: OEE Dynamix. Read More

Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization
Facility Monitoring & Optimization

Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization

The rapid growth in demand for non-traditional crops, as well as ongoing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, has created opportunities for greenhouse farming, but has also placed pressure on delivery, costs and product quality. Read More

Gas Station Asset Management
Asset Management

Gas Station Asset Management

Gas stations have lots of assets to manage - not just fuel pumps, but lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and air compressors. Since many run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, knowing how the equipment is being used and when it might fail brings big benefits. Read More

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