Factories of tomorrow will depend on extreme data transparency and manufacturing AI + IoT solutions.

Using data and manufacturing AI + IoT technologies to grasp the last 20% of efficiency will become a matter of survival - and that's where Rayven can help.


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Maximizing OEE through Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions.

Capital assets are a primary driver of both manufacturing productivity and operational expense, so it’s critical to sweat them, but asset utilization can vary widely from day-to-day.

Late starts, long changeovers, unplanned stoppages, slow production, and defects all come at a cost that can not only be measured in lost machine time and output, but that should also consider things like the underutilization of your employees, the wasting of energy and materials - not to mention the potential costs of keeping your customers waiting.

It can also be hard to monitor all of your machines in the factory at once, know their individual real-time OEE, plus even the best machines don’t know all the reasons for a stop, how many people are on the line, energy consumption, the machine routing, or BOM: this is where Manufacturing IoT solutions come in.

"The Rayven team worked with us closely throughout the project, helping us to rapidly build and deploy the right Industry 4.0 solution for our business. The flexibility of the platform allowed us to make changes along the way to meet our needs and, as a result, it has made real, positive changes to the way we operate." John English, Engineering Manager, Riverina Fresh



Discover new opportunities to reduce costs & improve your factories performance through Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions.

The simplicity and adaptability of our Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions allows you to bring together all of your KPIs into one place and discover new opportunities in real-time.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

Energy-efficient production

Machine energy consumption depends on the product processed and machine efficiency: an inefficient machine can consume as much as a productive one. Uncover the hidden cost of inefficient energy consumption.

Improved yield

Stops, starts and setup adjustments all reduce yield and produce scrap. Identify the sources of yield losses through overall equipment effectiveness.

OEE optimization

Learn where to focus your scarce improvement resources through OEE. OEE will help you to identify where and when rate losses, stoppages and yield losses most affect your production.

Track production in real-time

Enables factory managers to monitor actual production and profitability compared to the set targets in real-time, so that they can take action if performance is below expectations.

Reduced downtime

Understand where and when downtime occurs so that you can be proactive – use that information for Single Point Operator Lessons or to inform your equipment modification and maintenance.

Predictive maintenance

Always listening to your machines and combined with our powerful algorithms, surface improvement opportunities so actions can be taken before issues occur.

Driving measurable outcomes from AI + IoT solutions.

Driving measurable outcomes from AI + IoT solutions.

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Reduced downtime


Increased throughput


Productivity across shifts


Manufacturing AI + IoT: get an OEE single source of truth.

Compare and optimize machines, lines, and factories - all in real-time from any device.

Real-time OEE - understand variables and optimize.

Real-time OEE

Complete dashboard - compare machines, lines and factories.

Complete dashboard

Control on-the-go - monitor production anywhere, anytime.

Control on-the-go

Downtime understanding - analzye and understand downtime.

Downtime understanding

Rayven's key features.

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions are entirely flexible. Offering complete, end-to-end solutions, we can modify and grow your AI + IoT platform to cater for every one of your business’ needs.


Deploying AI + IoT solutions for manufacturers has never been so easy. Our purpose-built solutions are ready to go out-of-the-box and our codeless platform makes customization simple – even for non-programmers.

Low cost

The way we’ve designed our Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions and processes means that it quick and affordable to get started with AI + IoT. Build and deploy the solution, learn from it and then scale, thereby saving significant engineering costs.

Enterprise security

Rayven’s Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions have security baked into it. Utilizing industry standard mechanisms and Rayven’s own proprietary security architecture, your data is secure across your IoT environment.

Amazing support and service

The customer service that we provide our customers with sets us apart. On top of 24/7 support, our technical and data science as-standard, we’ve a multi-disciplined team to help you and your customers on anything to do with your solution or AI + IoT.

White labelled

We understand the importance of presenting the right image to customers, so we’ve made it easy to fully brand our platform to carry your logo and livery – they needn’t know Rayven is even there.

Some of Rayven's Manufacturing AI + IoT solutions' use cases:

Food Production Efficiency
Food Manufacturing

Food Production Efficiency

Our client was concerned about yield losses, product giveaway, and an inability to reach daily production targets. We solved their business problems and improved OEE with an IoT solution that provides vital information in real-time on key machines in the production process. Read More

Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage
Manufacturing OEE Monitoring

Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage

Measuring manufacturing OEE is best practice, but doing it accurately, consistently, and in real-time, can be a significant challenge for many manufacturers - that's where Rayven's Manufacturing OEE AI + IoT solution comes in: OEE Dynamix. Read More

Plastic Recycling Plant Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Plastic Recycling Plant Energy Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of a plastics recycling plant through the use of an energy efficiency AI + IoT solution did much more than provide clarity over costs - it enabled savings to be found that made a significant impact on profitability. Read More

Cold Storage Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency
Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency

Cold Storage Monitoring, Compliance & Energy Efficiency

Discover how our AI + IoT solution enabled our customer to better monitor their cold storage environment, ensuring that their products are stored at the correct temperatures and that they comply with food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Read More

Real-time OEE & Machine Utilization Monitoring
OEE & Machine Utilization Monitoring

Real-time OEE & Machine Utilization Monitoring

See how Rayven helped this milk bottling facility meet the highest food handling standards by enabling our client to understand their production and OEE in real-time. Read More

Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization
Facility Monitoring & Optimization

Greenhouse Management, Monitoring & Yield Optimization

The rapid growth in demand for non-traditional crops, as well as ongoing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, has created opportunities for greenhouse farming, but has also placed pressure on delivery, costs and product quality. Read More

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