Discover Factory One: the ready-to-deploy, affordable Smart Factory solution

Factory One is a next generation, easy-to-use Industry 4.0 Smart Factory solution that transforms manufacturing businesses both large and small to be more transparent, efficient + productive in weeks - without any new hardware.  

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Maximizing efficiency, productivity and much more in weeks, affordably.

Factory One provides manufacturers with a single real-time data, AI + IoT solution populated with a suite of ready-to-deploy modules designed to achieve strategic business objectives, rapidly. Created by world-leading Industry 4.0 specialists Rayven, Factory One is dedicated to giving manufacturers ready-to-use toolkits, complete with machine learning and business logic, that enables them to achieve the complex both fast and affordably. Completely interoperable and capable of integrating with all existing and third-party technologies; our Factory One solution requires no new hardware and is ready-to-deploy. "The Factory One team worked with us closely throughout the project, helping us to rapidly build and deploy the right Industry 4.0 solution for our business. The flexibility of the platform allowed us to make changes along the way to meet our needs and, as a result, it has made real, positive changes to the way we operate." John English, Engineering Manager, Riverina Fresh  



Discover how Factory can help the manufacturing sector to succeed with IIoT and Industry 4.0 technology, fast and affordably.

Requiring no new hardware, Factory One creates a real-time single source of truth and comes with ready-to-deploy modules that improve different aspects of your manufacturing operations, giving you everything you need to solve complex real-time visibility and optimization challenges, fast. Discover Factory One's Modules

Performance Monitoring + OEE

Easy-to-use, fully-customizable and accessible anywhere, Performance Monitoring + OEE gives you total transparency and empowers your team with all-new Industry 4.0 optimization abilities. Discover Performance Monitoring + OEE.

Downtime Intelligence

Simple to use, pre-programmed with machine learning algorithms that optimize and predict downtime, and fully-adaptable to your business; Downtime Intelligence will allow you to improve uptime, prevent breakdowns and increase yields. Discover Downtime Intelligence.

Condition Monitoring

Easy-to-use, ready-to-deploy and fully interoperable with your existing technologies; Condition Monitoring allows your organization to be one step ahead and plan maintenance before failure – all-round, it’ll save you time, money and effort. Discover Condition Monitoring.

Energy Insights

Easily customizable, accessible in the boardroom and on the factory floor, Energy Insight enables you to make quick decisions at line and factory level to uncover better ways of operating, turn energy consumption from an expense to a cost of production, and seize significant energy savings. Discover Energy Insights.


Completely interoperable, fully-customizable and accessible anywhere; SCADA Twin succeeds with all the above and more by effortlessly uniting all your technology and machinery to give you the power of operation-wide SCADA, Industry 4.0 abilities and real-time insights anywhere they’re needed. Discover SCADA Twin.

Driving measurable outcomes, fast + affordably.

Driving measurable outcomes, fast + affordably.

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Reduced downtime


Increased throughput


Productivity across shifts


Be more transparent, efficient + productive in weeks - without any new hardware.

Factory One enables you to monitor machines, lines, factories - anything - in real-time from any device and apply Industry 4.0 machine learning and automation to improve everything.

Yield + OEE enhancement - understand variables and optimize.

Yield + OEE enhancement

Instant reporting + single pane analysis - analyze anything.

Instant reporting + single pane analysis

Predictive maintenance - predict and reduce downtime.

Predictive maintenance

Real-time single source of truth, end-to-end - know all.

Real-time single source of truth, end-to-end

Factory One's key features.

All-in-one + ready-to-go

Easy-to-use + scale

100% Interoperable: no new hardware

Complete Industry 4.0 toolkit

Enterprise security as-standard

Future-proof, SaaS-based technology

Deploy anywhere, fast

Affordable for all

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