Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistics

Tomorrow's supply chain will depend on extreme data transparency and the right IoT solution.

IoT technology brings you data, information, and new ways of improving your business. The right information can make any supply chain run better and improve efficiency, but end-to-end processes can take optimization to a new level altogether. Gathering and processing the data in real-time utilizing Rayven's Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions will shorten your decision times and enable you to react rapidly to all the unexpected changes that happen on a minute-by-minute basis.

Connecting your supply chain via Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions will improve your business

As customers demand faster delivery and more certainty about precise timing and material storage conditions, it's becoming more difficult for supply chains to know exactly where an order is, predict when it will arrive, or deal with problematic deliveries.

Pressures for deliveries must be balanced with strict regulation of driver and load safety, as well as vehicle efficiency and availability - this is where the right Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions come in.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Discover new opportunities to reduce costs & improve your supply chain's performance

The simplicity and adaptability of Rayven's Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions allows you to bring together all of your data sources into one system, utilize data science and machine learning tools, and then discover new opportunities and improve your existing operations in real-time.

Increase vehicle up-time

Continuously monitor CANBus and OBDII data, along with speed, load to understand how each vehicle is being driven. Compare that with maintenance information to aid in proactive maintenance planning.

Monitoring driver efficiency & safety

Your drivers make decisions about their load and how they drive to the conditions. By understanding actual vehicle performance, you can make targeted decisions about driver training and management.

Monitor storage conditions of materials & products

Don’t rely solely on the results of a temperature logger that’s read when a consignment is opened. Have complete end-to-end monitoring and traceability of conditions.

Streamline the movement of goods

Understand which routes, days, customers, or drivers tend to be delayed so that you can make informed decisions about interventions.

Administer goods immediately upon receipt

Verified tracking allows you to validate exactly when goods arrive. Use that information to trigger follow-on tasks such as supplier payments or onward shipping requests.

Be future-ready

Rayven’s Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions are infinitely flexible, inexpensive to scale, and can be easily adapted to incorporate additional use cases so that you can extend the benefits of Industry 4.0 across your organization.

Measurable outcomes for your supply chain

Measurable outcomes for your supply chain

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Less downtime


Increased productivity


Reduced waste


A single source of truth for your entire supply chain

Use real-time data, machine learning and data science to better manage your assets and suppliers in Rayven's Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions.

Understand inventory - see stock levels across all your sites.

Understand inventory

Asset view - see asset performance and metrics in real-time.

Asset view

Fleet dashboard - understand your entire fleet's performance.

Fleet dashboard

Downtime insights - learn what's causing downtime and where.

Downtime insights

Rayven's key features

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions are endlessly flexible, providing true end-to-end abilities that can meet all of your business’ current and future needs, allowing you to quickly adjust and grow with your solution.


Rayven’s Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions are so easy to use that even non-developers can create purpose-built IoT solutions. A codeless platform, you can deploy your platform, featuring machine learning and predictive analytics, simply.

Low cost

Rayven believes in moving quickly, starting small and learning from real-life experience before scaling. This means you don’t waste time or effort having to re-engineer your Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solution before scaling.

Enterprise security

Security is our top priority. Built-in to our Rayven’s Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions from the very beginning, our platform ensures that data is safe and secure at all points.

Amazing support and service

With Rayven, you’re in safe hands. Regardless of when or how you need our support, we’re there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you and your customers with the assistance they need, when they need it.

White labelled

Rayven’s Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions can be fully branded to carry your organizations logo, imagery and schema – your customers needn’t know where we end and you begin.

Some of Rayven's Supply Chain & Logistics IoT solutions' use cases:

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