I4 Mining: ready-to-deploy IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions that make mineral extraction safer, achieve zero harm and improve yields.

From real-time asset and production monitoring through to adaptive and predictive analytics that deliver on strategic zero harm ESG goals, our suite of I4 Mining IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions are completely interoperable, can be deployed in weeks, and are affordable at-scale.

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Empower every aspect of your mining operations using I4 Mining's IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Mineral extraction is an energy, capital and resource intensive industry, frequently undertaken in hazardous environments governed by strict regulatory and reporting requirements. Finding ways to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve safety and environmental performance, are all key challenges for every business in the sector. Small percentage improvements in these, as well as other, spaces can lead to dramatic improvements with investments in novel technologies a potentially lucrative avenue to deliver short, medium and long-term gains. Rayven has created a suite of specialist IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions, I4 Mining, that are designed to accelerate the sector's transition to a profitable zero-harm, zero-carbon, zero-waste future. Completely interoperable, I4 Mining provides miners with many opportunities to transform - both operationally and strategically - enabling them to support energy transition, achieve their 'zero' goals, and protect profitability. Visit the I4 Mining website for more information.


Discover how I4 Mining can help the mining sector.

The simplicity, ease of use and adaptability of I4 Mining's IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions allow you to bring together all of your data into one place to create a real-time single source of truth, exert control and create automations, as well as uncover and seize optimization opportunities via AI and Machine Learning technology instantly. Discover I4 Mining's suite of digital mining solutions.

Health + Safety

I4 Mining’s Health + Safety digital mining solution enables you to connect all of your people, plant and systems to utilize historical and real-time data o prevent workforce harm across your operations and enable you to achieve your zero harm objectives.

Environment + Community

I4 Mining’s Environment + Community digital mining solution is a complete environmental monitoring, management and compliance solution that enables you to monitor your operations in real-time and use AI to predict, prevent and remediate breaches, fast.

Asset Monitor + Maintenance

I4 Mining’s Asset Monitor + Maintenance solution is a real-time asset monitoring, utilization optimization & predictive maintenance solution all-in-one. It enables you to improve plant performance across your operations, from drill rigs and motor graders, to pumps and HVAC equipment.

Yield + Production

I4 Mining’s Yield + Production digital mining solution enables you to monitor and analyze all of the variables that go into material extraction, screening and processing to uncover improvements and then seize upon them. It Increases yields, prevents breakdowns and finds you efficiencies using the platform’s IoT, AI and adaptive real-time data analysis.

Energy + Resources

I4 Mining’s Energy + Resources digital mining solution enables you to optimize the usage of the costly inputs that go into your operations and reduce the waste outputs. It will deliver you immediate efficiencies Finding efficiencies and reduce the use of costly inputs -dramatically improving profitability, fast.


I4 Mining’s Oversight digital mining solution improves real-time strategic decision-making, enhances risk assessment and reduces the reporting burden by providing you with up-to-date, accurate data in an easy-to-use predictive analytics engine. Beyond that, Oversight gives you the ability to execute those decisions, both manually or via AI-led automation.

I4 Mining: delivering measurable outcomes.

I4 Mining: delivering measurable outcomes.

Lower cost of maintenance


Increase resource utilization


Less downtime


Increased yield


Energy efficiency


Get a single source of truth for all your sites and assets, from mine-to-market.

Use machine learning and programmed algorithms to monitor real-time data in I4 Mining's IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions make it easy to make better short and long-term business and production decisions.

Real-time asset view - see how individual assets are performing.

Real-time asset view

Field & asset alerts - get instant alerts of faults or issues.

Field & asset alerts

Compare performance - with historical views.

Compare performance

Site & business analysis - understand everything instantly.

Site & business analysis

I4 Mining's key features.

Built for the Mining industry.

I4 Mining is a transformative technology built by people with hands-on industry experience – it’s made to not just fit, but work brilliantly.

Easy-to-use, IT-less design.

The I4 Mining platform features drag-and-drop configuration and simple to use interfaces; it’s designed to be used by anyone and needs no coding.

Super fast-to- deploy.

I4 Mining’s solutions can be configured and deployed in days. Start with 80% of the solution & hyper-customize the 20% that matters.

Enterprise-scalability, but affordable.

I4 Mining’s solutions are designed to be affordable. They enable you to get started, quickly adjust, iterate and grow – proving ROI at every stage.

Ultra-secure (at all points).

I4 Mining’s solutions are built on the Rayven platform which’s proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points.

Around the clock support.

On top of 24/7 support, I4 Mining’s technical and data science team are available to support you (or your customers), end-to-end.

Integrates with anything, to give a true source of truth

I4 Mining’s solutions are limitlessly flexible & capable of integrating with systems, machinery, platforms – anything you need it to (as-standard).

Everything you need to become Industry 4.0.

Each of I4 Mining’s solutions feature Rayven’s world-leading combined AI + IoT platform, making it capable of delivering complete transformation.

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