Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Remote monitoring of Oil & Gas assets is critical and hard.

Knowing how remote assets are performing, predicting failure, improving utilization, and finding productivity enhancements in geographically disparate and sometimes challenging environments is a particular challenge for Oil & Gas companies - something IoT technology and Rayven's platform is uniquely placed to help with.

Continuous real-time remote monitoring

Leakage and theft from pipelines are major concerns for industry with even minor leaks potentially leading to serious financial, environmental, safety and reputational losses.

Conventional pipeline monitoring approaches rely on technicians to carry out periodic routine inspections and maintenance, but it is impossible to inspect all remote sites with enough regularity or in real-time. In addition, the remote work exposes workers to additional hazards and is not an efficient use of qualified personnel.

The same is true for well and pad well site assets, which require regular monitoring, maintenance and data collection to comply with government directives.

Smart companies carry out maintenance and periodic human inspection only when an abnormality is detected, avoiding unplanned shutdowns and inefficient management of staff and materials. How do they do this? Through IoT.

Oil & Gas

Discover new opportunities to improve energy & gas performance

The simplicity and adaptability of Rayven's Oil & Gas IoT solutions allows you bring together all of your KPIs into one place and discover new opportunities in real-time.

Detect leaks in real-time

Monitor pressure and flow continuously in real-time and use anomaly detection to identify changes in flow rates that may indicate the beginning of a leak or theft from a tank.

Improve safety

Reduce the risk of catastrophic failure by continuously monitoring key performance metrics of your assets in the field.

Predictive maintenance

Centralized monitoring and continuous condition monitoring of in-service equipment will allow you when best to decide when and how your resources will visit a well head or remote pipeline location.

Maximised uptime

Every minute of downtime is a minute of output lost forever. Continuous monitoring allows proactive maintenance of your assets and better uptime.

Reduce costs

Focus more time on maintenance and less on travelling to inspection points. Proactive maintenance is cheaper than dealing with failures.

Be future-ready

Rayven’s Oil & Gas IoT solutions are infinitely flexible, inexpensive to scale, and can be easily adapted to incorporate additional use cases so that you can extend the benefits of Industry 4.0 across your organization.

Measurable outcomes for Oil & Gas companies

Measurable outcomes for Oil & Gas companies

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Less downtime


Increased throughput


Energy efficiency


Get a single source of truth for all your sites and assets

Use machine learning, AI and programmed algorithms to monitor real-time data in Rayven's Oil & Gas IoT solutions makes it easy to make better short and long-term business and production decisions.

Real-time asset view - see how individual assets are performing.

Real-time asset view

Field & asset alerts - get instant alerts of faults or issues.

Field & asset alerts

Compare performance - with historical views.

Compare performance

Facility-level dashboards - understand your field instantly.

Facility-level dashboards

Rayven's key features

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Oil & Gas IoT solutions are limitlessly flexible and is an end-to-end solution able to cater to every one of your business’ needs. With it, you can quickly adjust, iterate and grow.


Deploying purpose-built IoT solutions has never been so simple. You can use our codeless platform to deploy custom Oil & Gas IoT solutions, machine learning and predictive analytics easily.

Low cost

Get started quickly and affordably. Rayven’s Oil & Gas IoT solutions’ simplicity means that you can test, iterate, learn and scale solutions that work, saving huge amounts of time and engineering costs.

Enterprise security

Rayven’s Oil & Gas IoT solutions are built with security as a top priority. Rayven’s proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points of the IoT environment.

Amazing support and service

Our customer service sets us apart. On top of 24/7 support, our technical and data science team are always available to support you and your customers in any way.

White labelled

Our technology, your brand. With Rayven, you have the control to custom design solutions which can then be fully white labelled to fit your brand’s very own look and feel.

Some of Rayven's Oil & Gas IoT solutions' use cases:

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