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The future of water distribution supply assurance will depend on extreme data transparency.

Rayven's AI & IoT platform enables you to continuously monitor water distribution networks, combining all of your data sources and IoT connect devices, to identify potential leaks, optimize asset performance and proactively maintain pipelines.  

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Protecting a vital resource

Water is the lifeblood of society but, distributed through large and often antiquated networks with underground infrastructure, that lifeblood can be lost. Leaks can reduce water pressure, quality or availability - it can even damage other critical infrastructure - and are often a precursor to a water main break, so the sooner they're found, the sooner they can be fixed, minimizing any potential impact on customers and the community. The problem is, finding those leaks can be hard, fix-as-fail reduces the life of the asset, and deploying resources to monitor and repair all assets is time consuming, inefficient and expensive - this where Rayven's Water Management IoT solutions can help.


Protecting a vital resource with continuous real-time monitoring

Continuously monitor water flow, pump-station performance and energy consumption, as well as identify anomalies in data that could indicate wider issues with Rayven's Water IoT solutions.

Leak detection

Continuously monitor water flow and identify anomalies that may indicate leaks or breaks.

Water flow

Continuously monitor water flow and availability.

Pump-house efficiency

Monitor energy consumption and pump output in pump houses to manage efficiency and identify potential pump issues.

Water levels

Monitor water storage levels and plan efficient filling strategies based on energy cost and projected water consumption.

Water quality

Detect and calculate the amount of chemical residue present in the water by measuring and monitoring the data captured and drawing real-time analysis.

Rain and stormwater

Harvest rainwater and transform it into a major water source for off-grid communities.

Outcomes from Rayven's Water IoT solutions

Outcomes from Rayven's Water IoT solutions

Lower cost of maintenance


Increased resource utilization


Less downtime


Increased throughput


Productivity across shifts


Single source of truth from reservoir to tap

Use real-time and historical data, AI and machine learning to monitor performance, automate improvements, and report from your very own Water AI & IoT solution.

Real-time dashboards - assess asset performance in real-time.

Real-time dashboards

Asset alerts - immediately understand faults or issues.

Asset alerts

Live insights - get immediate improvement recommendations.

Live insights

Pipeline performance - understand key metrics for every asset.

Pipeline performance

Rayven's key features

Completely flexible

By utilizing Rayven’s Water AI & IoT solutions, you can create personalize and create a complete solution that’s capable of providing for every one of your organization’s needs. Highly-flexible, you can adjust and incorporate devices, data flows and actions at will.


Some AI and IoT platforms are very difficult to build and deploy, but Rayven utilizes a codeless approach to programming which makes it easy to deploy fully customized machine learning and IoT solutions.

Low cost

Rayven’s Water IoT solutions enable you to get started quickly and affordably, without long development and deployment times. The ease of use of our IoT platform makes it simple to get something into the field, learn, develop and then scale once you’ve already proven the business case.

Enterprise security

Security was front of mind when we developed Rayven’s Water AI & IoT solutions. With unique features and proprietary security architecture, you data is secure across your entire IoT environment.

Amazing support and service

We offer 24/7 support, with both technical and data science teams available to assist you with your Water AI & IoT solution and help you and your customers to get the most from your investment.

White labelled

It’s important to be able to provide consistent user experiences for your users and customers, so Rayven’s Water AI & IoT solutions are designed to be able to be white labelled, meaning that it can carry your brand.

Some of Rayven's Water AI & IoT solutions' use cases:

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