Yellow Goods
Yellow Goods IoT Solutions

Maximize utilization, reduce downtime, and increase lifespans - all whilst reducing maintenance costs.

Getting more from your yellow goods and reducing the cost of ownership can dramatically impact your businesses bottom-line. An easy way of achieving this is with Rayven's Yellow Goods IoT solutions.  

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Get the most from your yellow goods with IoT and AI technology

Business in many sectors a hugely reliant on their yellow goods to dig, move, drill, spray, crush or build. With so many uses, fleets can be large, diverse and geographically spread; making them incredibly difficult to not only monitor and manage, but get the most from them.

Reducing your total cost of ownership, servicing and changing parts only when needed, increasing uptime, and learning what models and makes will give you the longest lifespan can have a huge impact on an organization's bottom-line. To achieve these goals (and a lot more), IoT and AI technology can have a massive and immediate impact - especially if you're using one of Rayven's ready-to-go, out-of-the-box Yellow Goods IoT solutions.

Yellow Goods

Understand your yellow goods better and effortlessly improve their utilization

There are huge efficiencies and optimizations to be found in the way that many businesses currently track and manage their assets. With many still recording asset locations and maintenance schedules in spreadsheets or whiteboards, profitability and productivity improvements can easily be found by improving maintenance schedules and tracking assets simply through reducing theft, vandalism and preventing breakdowns. Rayven's Yellow Goods IoT solutions can solve these issues:

Predictive maintenance

Yellow Goods that are monitored in real-time mean that you can predict failures and schedule maintenance for them only when they need it. This keeps them in the field longer, reduces maintenance times and prevents catastrophic failures that limit lifespan.

Asset tracking

Continuous real-time monitoring allows you to pinpoint any asset’s location at any given moment. Not only does this reduce laborious record-keeping, but can easily configured with geo-fencing to alert you of unusual movements and theft.

Understand (and improve) utilization

Your yellow goods represent a huge investments for businesses, so understanding how they’re being used and what their performance is when compared to other projects, sites or users, can help you to spot trends, make improvement and maximize your ROA.

Increase uptime & lifespan

Through accurate monitoring, maintenance and advanced analytics, (coupled with Machine Learning and AI), you can better manage your assets to get the most out of them and over a longer period of time.

Improve safety & compliance

With better asset tracking and monitoring, you can identify unsafe practices, users or spot where there are compliance issues and rectify them before there’s a problem.

Better performance analytics

Be able to compare vehicle types, brands, drivers, sites and projects. Run Machine Learning and discover hidden trends deep in your data to identify improvements and weaknesses.

Driving measurable outcomes through IoT & AI technology

Driving measurable outcomes through IoT & AI technology

Increased resource utilization


Lower cost of maintenance


Less downtime


Increased revenue


Increased revenue


Single source of truth for all of your yellow goods

Use real-time data, AI and data visualizations to make better decisions about individual vehicles, fleets or projects via Rayven's Yellow Goods IoT solutions.

Condition monitoring - understand every asset's performing.

Condition monitoring

All asset view - see the location of all your assets.

All asset view

Live geo tracking - historical and real-time view.

Live geo tracking

Alarms & alerts - understand asset use and if there's issues.

Alarms & alerts

Rayven's key features

Completely flexible

Rayven’s Yellow Goods IoT solutions are completely flexible. It provides you with an end-to-end solution that you’re able to customize to your business’ needs or goals. With it, asset tracking and utilization optimization can be made simple.


Deploying Rayven’s purpose-built Yellow Goods IoT solutions is easy. You can use our codeless platform to deploy tailored IoT, machine learning and data science simply.

Low cost

Get started quickly and for less than you’d think. The ease of use of our IoT platform means that you can deploy, learn, optimize and then grow solutions that work, saving time and money, but also reducing risk.

Enterprise security

Rayven’s IoT platform is built from the ground up with security in mind. Our proprietary security architecture, coupled with leading security standards, means that your data is secure everywhere in your Yellow Goods IoT solution.

Amazing support and service

The care and service that we provide our customers with is a key differentiator. On top of 24/7 support, our teams are always on-call to you, your business and your customers.

White labelled

With Rayven you’re able to fully white label your Yellow Goods IoT solution so that it’s your brand, colours and schema that your customers or partners see.

Some of Rayven's Yellow Goods IoT solutions' use case:

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