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We unfold the true drivers of your energy consumption and turn them into savings

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Turn your energy data into
meaningful savings opportunity

The simplicity and non-invasive nature of Rayvens solution ensures that your data is live very quickly with minimal effort/cost. Combined with powerful analytics, insights about your factory are automatically surfaced.

Extremely smart and easy to get set up

We do this by combining simple modular meters to measure and stream your energy consumption in real-time together with data science. The simplicity and flexibility allows for quick installation without the need for any downtime and the data is live within minutes of installation. The easily customizable cloud-based dashboard makes for quick access anywhere. Powered by our data analytics with over 850 algorithms, Energy inefficiencies are automatically identified to enable quick decision making and significant energy savings.

Across a variety of industries

Smart factories

It’s not enough to just meter energy, you have to understand what drives consumption.
Understanding how idle machinery, building services, compressors, fans, conveyors all contribute to your energy consumption and how you can reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Smart buildings

Efficient energy usage inside buildings is a major problem, particularly for HVAC systems: over 30% of the global energy consumption resides in HVAC usage inside buildings. Usage awareness and efficient management of HVAC have the potential to significantly reduce related costs.

Any Asset

Unlock the true energy consumption of all your assets. Layer additional data to understand whether your assets are utilizing energy in the most cost effective way to reduce energy consumption and costs

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