Supporting our manufacturing automation partners enhance the quality, precision and accuracy of their solutions

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Enhancing connectivity, analytics, the enablement of applications and turning any data into insights and business changing decisions

At Rayven, we are working with manufacturing automation solution providers and manufacturing hardware manufacturers, to enhance their solution capabilities by enhancing their IOT & AI capabilities, so they can provide smarter solutions to their customers, quickly and affordably. From connecting to any manufacturing machine or system to aggregating the data into one place and appling machine learning and industrial manufacturing process data models, for the likes of OEE, Energy efficiency, waste reduction and many more, delivering  increased productivity, better predictability, less downtime, and a overall increase to the bottom line.


A fully integrated white label solution designed
from the ground up for the Internet of things

The easiest way to bring data together from any device or system

Packed full of ready to go industrial efficiency solutions

Solutions fully integrated for you to launch Industrial IOT Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Machines vary in their consumption of energy, depending on the products processed: one may experience high energy intensities whilst others may have high idle times. We discover these issues when they happen

Waste reduction

Modern factories operate on tight schedules, with many different processes in operation. Waste of energy and product comes to place when processes arnt optimized. That’s where we came in to play.

Predictive Maintenance

always listening to your machines, combined with our powerful algorithms enables improvement opportunities to be automatically surfaced so actions can be taken before issues happen

Product routing optimization

Real-Time Data Stream Processing continuously collects data as it’s generated from devices and promptly reacts to critical information.
Examine and visualize data and obtain valuable business insight on devices, users, usage and more.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Enables factory managers to improve manufacturing productivity. Understand, measure, and improve OEE, Availability and productivity

Less downtime

Factory up-time is critical for successful operation and no two machines in a factory are the same. So it is important to monitor different parameters to ensure that the performance of your assets is maintained.

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Fast and frictionless deployment

The amount of value created from IoT depends on how well you define your business logic, aggregate, automate and draw insights from the data you’re retrieving and how fast you can analyze and react to this data  and optimize your operations accordingly. With our visual lot business logic design tools, you can define endless business logic and custom actionable insights to insure your maximizing the value created from your data.

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