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Contact Us

Have a questions? We are here to help.

What will I see in the demo?
Our IoT consultant will demo and explain using real-time data, how our end to end drag and drop software solution can be easily used by you to cater for your specific industry and business needs, no matter what industry or solution your looking to design.
How technical do I need to be?
Rayven was designed from the ground up to be extremely powerful and friendly for non technical people. With Rayven you don’t need to be technical at all to be able to design and deploy your IoT solution. Our IoT consultant are also here to support and help you throughout the process.
How much does it cost? 
The pricing model depends on size of project, industry and amount assets to be monitored and device installed. We support multi-vendor gateways and can work with both new legacy devices and hardware. Contact us for more details