OEE Dynamix provides manufacturers with a highly-flexible approach to data capture, processing and calculations.

No matter what machines and software you’re currently using, OEE Dynamix enables you to take advantage of knowing your real-time OEE today and grow your solution with your business to measure and improve even more, tomorrow.



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OEE Dynamix is a scalable cloud-based OEE solution that utilizes the latest Industry 4.0 technology.

Developed with the support of solution integration expert Bosch, OEE Dynamix fits your factory, regardless of its size or your existing set up, allowing you to track your OEE in real-time so that you can understand how productively your facility is performing at any given moment and enable you to make instant decisions to improve it.

Fully customizable, but ready-to-go out-of-the-box, it contains a host of features carefully selected for ease-of-use and practicality, enabling you to focus on what matters to your organisation.

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