Hardware Manufacturers
Hardware Manufacturers

Hardware manufacturers of tomorrow will depend on AI + IoT platforms to move up the value chain

Rayven partners with industrial enterprise giants and specialist IoT hardware manufacturers who are ready to embrace Industry 4.0.

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Finding the right AI + IoT platform partner is not easy.

IoT analytics, data insights and machine learning tools are only as effective as the data that's flowing into them and for that you need hardware.

Rayven works with hardware manufacturers to help them find a route to market when it comes to complete, combined AI + IoT solutions; assisting them to seize the enormous opportunity that AI + IoT presents.

Discover our Hardware partners in our Partner Directory.

Hardware Manufacturers

Everything you need to provide your customers with game changing AI + IoT and machine learning solutions

Rayven works with and supports hardware manufacturers to build and launch cutting-edge IoT, data science and machine learning solutions that achieve brilliant results for users - discover how you can work with us today.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

End-to-end AI + IoT platform

Rayven is one big, easy-to-use tool kit. It provides you with all the functionality that you need to create an AI + IoT solution that can be applied to an individual customers’ business or fulfil a particular niche in your stack.

Real-time insights & predictive analytics

Rayven makes is easy to create custom business rules with your real-time, streamed data and then analyze, predict and take action based on what it holds – from sending a command to a machine, a message to a maintenance manager, or making an entire factory take action based on what’s about to occur.

Machine learning

Rayven’s no-code Machine Learning Workbench, which is built into our AI + IoT platform, enables us and our partners to train, test and deploy new or ready-to-go machine learning models simply, quickly and affordably.

Process automation

Create custom rules, events and triggers to automatically or manually push data to a third-party system, or back to a device or control system for fully automated devices and machine control, providing real-time responses to issues as they happen.

Built-in security

Rayven’s AI + IoT platform has been built with security top-of-mind. With data encryption and other security techniques and technologies factored into all points of our extended IoT solutions, but without affecting usability, Rayven’s AI + IoT platform it one of the safest and most secure available.

Industrial data science

Data science uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from any data. We are experts in industrial data science, combining industry and business knowledge to create truly unique insights that fuel IoT solutions to succeed in meeting business goals.

Achieve meaningful outcomes for your customers.

Achieve meaningful outcomes for your customers.

Launch new products and services

Increase predictability and transparency

Improve quality of service and user experience

New revenue streams

Smarter products

Why hardware manufacturers are partnering with Rayven:

Extremely flexible

Rayven’s AI + IoT platform provides limitless flexibility so it can cater to your specific business needs and enable you to quickly adjust and iterate when needed.

Low cost

Get started quickly and affordably so you can test, iterate, learn and scale solutions that work, saving a tremendous amount of time and engineering costs.

Amazing support and service

Our excellent customer service is what sets us apart. On top of our 24/7 support, our technical and data science team are always available to support you and your customers in any way needed.


Deploying purpose built IoT solutions has never been so simple, using our coddles platform for deploying custom IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics.

End-to-end solution

Everything your need in one integrated cloud platform. From data integration, consolidation and transformation to real-time dashboards, visualizations and insights.

White labelled

Our technology, your brand. With Rayven you have the control to custom design the solutions to be fully white labelled.

Rayven's AI + IoT platform use cases with our hardware manufacturer partners:

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