Telcos of tomorrow will depend on advanced AI + IoT platforms for the delivery of value-add services to industry/

Supporting our Telco partners to launch cutting-edge AI + IoT solutions for their customers.

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Delivering next generation value-add services.

The rise of AI + IoT provides Telcos a second chance to spring into action. If Telcos can capitalize on it - given the unique selling proposition 5G and edge computing bring them - they put themselves in the running for huge potential profits in a global IoT market by delivery of value-add services, ecosystems and data analytics on top of IoT.

Not only that, data platforms offer several value-add propositions, from price optimization to proactive asset maintenance and operations making IoT a huge opportunity for Telcos.

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Everything a Telco needs to provide revolutionary AI + IoT solutions.

A fully-integrated white labelled solution designed from the ground-up for the Internet-of-Things, Rayven's AI + IoT platform coupled with industry-leading telco services can deliver brilliant result for end-customers.

Discover more about the Rayven AI + IoT platform our solutions are built on.

End-to-end AI + IoT platform

Rayven is one big, easy-to-use tool kit. It provides you with all the functionality that you need to create an IoT solution that can be applied to an individual customers’ business or fulfil a particular niche in your IoT stack.

Real-time insights & predictive analytics

Rayven makes is easy to create custom business rules with your real-time, streamed data and then analyze, predict and take action based on what it holds – from sending a command to a machine, a message to a maintenance manager, or making an entire factory take action based on what’s about to occur.

Built-in security

Rayven’s AI + IoT platform has been built with security top-of-mind. With data encryption and other security techniques and technologies factored into all points of our extended IoT solutions, but without affecting usability, Rayven’s IoT platform it one of the safest and most secure available.

Machine learning

Rayven’s no-code Machine Learning Workbench, which is built into our AI + IoT platform, enables us and our partners to train, test and deploy new or ready-to-go machine learning models simply, quickly and affordably.

Process automation

Create custom rules, events and triggers to automatically or manually push data to a third-party system, or back to a device or control system for fully automated devices and machine control, providing real-time responses to issues as they happen.

Industrial data science

Data science uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from any data. We are experts in industrial data science, combining industry and business knowledge to create truly unique insights that fuel IoT solutions to succeed in meeting business goals.

Achieve meaningful outcomes for your customers.

Achieve meaningful outcomes for your customers.

Launch new products and services

Increase profits and reduce costs

Better predictability and transparency

Reduce labor costs

Improve quality and reduce waste

Why Telco's are partnering with Rayven:

Industrial, cross-discipline focus

Industrial and total Industry 4.0 expertise, not just IoT in a single sector.

One platform, multiple use cases

Get real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and AI-led productivity solutions – or anything else – in one platform.

All-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform

100% interoperable, machine learning as-standard, and totally seamless.

End-to-end resellable services

Get help to deploy fast, develop, and scale your or your customers’ platforms and solutions.

Start with 80% done

Leverage our pre-built industry and use case-specific industrial solutions, just hyper-customize.

Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable

Help you customers to get to grips with IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies at a pace that suits them (and you).

Own the IP

Whatever you build is yours and yours to keep, forever.

Enterprise security

Dynamix is built with security as a top priority, so our proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points.

White label

Our technology is can be full white labelled, enabling you to push your brand.

Flexible commercial models

Find the right one for you.

Some of Rayven's AI + IoT platform use cases with Telco partners:

Gas Station Asset Management
Asset Management

Gas Station Asset Management

Gas stations have lots of assets to manage - not just fuel pumps, but lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and air compressors. Since many run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, knowing how the equipment is being used and when it might fail brings big benefits. Read More

Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage
Manufacturing OEE Monitoring

Improving Manufacturing OEE in Food & Beverage

Measuring manufacturing OEE is best practice, but doing it accurately, consistently, and in real-time, can be a significant challenge for many manufacturers - that's where Rayven's Manufacturing OEE AI + IoT solution comes in: OEE Dynamix. Read More

Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection
Pipeline Monitoring & Leak Detection

Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection

A leak can have disastrous consequences on soil and flora, as well as the bottom-line, plus the remote nature of these assets exposes them to the risk of theft and incurs high maintenance costs. This makes Rayven's AI + IoT solutions an ideal way to reduce costs, improve performance and improve HSE outcomes. Read More

Improving Supply Chain Performance
Supply Chain Monitoring

Improving Supply Chain Performance

If you can better track your supply chain, you can understand points of failure, the reasons for them, or better still - react to issues in real-time before they become a problem. This is what our AI + IoT Supply Chain Performance solution will enable you to do. Read More

Power Distribution Transformer Monitoring & Fault Detection
Monitoring & Fault Detection

Power Distribution Transformer Monitoring & Fault Detection

Discover how Rayven helped this utility to better monitor their electricity distribution network, speeding fixes and preventing failures. Read More

Farming Automation, Water Monitoring and Irrigation Optimization
Farming Automation

Farming Automation, Water Monitoring and Irrigation Optimization

Farmers are under increasing pressure to produce more with less - more yield with less water, less labour and less time. Our real-time AI + IoT solutions let farmers use low-cost data to save time and money. Read More

Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Wastewater pumping stations are an intrinsic part of the sewerage network, raising sewerage from gravity-fed pits to extend transmission over longer distances. As such, they are often located in built-up urban areas, operate regularly and can quickly cause problems when they fail. Read More

Truck Health, Predictive Maintenance & Compliance Fleet Monitoring
Fleet Management & Predictive Maintenance

Truck Health, Predictive Maintenance & Compliance Fleet Monitoring

The trucking and logistics industry is under tremendous pressure to improve quality and performance under stringent environmental and safety regulations, whilst also becoming more competitive. Our Truck Health, Predictive Maintenance & Compliance Fleet Monitoring AI + IoT solution enables them to do just that. Read More

Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring
Analytics, Condition & Performance Monitoring

Solar Analytics, Condition and Performance Monitoring

Our customer wanted to meet the demand for a faultless solar array performance and power generation IoT solution, which was also capable of improving the handling of maintenance issues which, at the time, was highly-inefficient. Read More

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