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Harnessing smart infrastructure data to improve the quality of your assets

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Moving away from inspection-based management to real-time data and AI management,  to support faster and smarter decision making

The accuracy of real-time data produced by IoT devices offers efficiency management of assets across all aspects, from  power, water, transportation and are designed, constructed, and maintained making use of advanced, integrated materials, sensors, electronics, and networks all augmented into one management system , shared by all of the divisions which is constantly monitoring tracking and utilizing decision-making algorithms to provide smarter and better decision which result in better Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure

A fully integrated smart infrastructure solution designed
from the ground up for the Internet of things

Real-time view of all your assets under management , from buildings, floors, rooms to people and layer over machine learning to predict sustainably issues before they happen

Some examples of how infrastructure is harnessing data to create efficiencies and make smarter decisions

Energy Efficiency

Saving millions of dollars a year ,by Automatically informing the department of public works when bulbs need to be changed to sensing when streets are empty and automatically switching on lights only when needed so that less energy is consumed C02 levels and energy costs are reduced.

Smart Buildings & Living

The idea of smart building is to utilize the power of data and technological advancements so that buildings can self manage their own energy & consumption by self optimizing the usage of  heating, energy, ventilation, lighting and much more.

Smart Water Management

Real-time monitoring analysis of data provided by sensors in the water distribution network identifies leakages to prevent resource loss and allow fast repairs

Waste Management

Real time monitoring of waste movement. Cost effective monitoring of general site won material, spoil, solid waste, contaminated soil material, asbestos waste and other special waste. Geo referenced tracking and recording of every waste load. Real-time notification for serious compliance breaches.


Lower congestion and pollution through optimal use of transportation infrastructure. track and analyze moments of trucks, buses, trains bikes or any transportation vehicle  to understand the flow of movement in your city

Sustainable Manufacturing

For Local manufacturing to exist, it needs to be advance in three pillars of sustainability — environmental, social and economic. We provide manufacturers with sustainability solutions in-order for them to be able to co exists with in cities and councils.

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Example of a custom smart infrastructure waste management solution

Get the full picture, in real time.

The amount of value created from IoT depends on how well you define your business logic, aggregate, automate and draw insights from the data you’re retrieving and how fast you can analyze and react to this data  and optimize your operations accordingly. With the reayven solution, we provide you with the full stack solution to augment all your assets data and apply data science to help you make better decisions.

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The wide variety of data that we can capture, analyse and display from your assets, allows us to empower you to start making data decision-making, through statistical models and algorithms. As you can access this data from any where, you can view this data to help you make data driven decisions, or even take it one step further and apply automatic decision direct to your city assets, to automate data driven actions.

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