Industrial IoT water asset management solutions

Industrial IoT water asset management solutions 2018-06-14T04:34:03+00:00

Project Description

Adopting smart IoT solutions to improve water supply efficiency

The water challenge that every country and municipality is having to deal with has become over the last few year increasingly more complex, given the growth in population and changes in global warming.

Leveraging new technology and  data to improve water asset performance

One of the ways municipalities are tackling these challenges is by leveraging new technology and  the data that can be extracted using the Internet of Things to increase visibility and predictability around water supply and consumption.

Using rayven’s IoT solutions, water supply organizations are able to capture and aggregate data from across different systems and bring them together onto to one integrated platform, and be able to see across the entire organization and get a true view of how the systems are working together as a whole.
Using real time data, alerts and triggers they are able to pick up on issues when they happen, no matter where they are, and using predicted analytics are able to get alerted even before they happen.

Key Features

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Connect multiple systems to get a single point view across the entire business

  • Water levels monitored and notifications automatically sent when levels are low or high

  • Improve water pump energy efficiency

  • Real-time data for superior analytics for improved insights

  • Lowered operating costs and improved performance

Contact Us

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What will I see in the demo?

Using real time data, our IoT cunsultant will demo and explain how our end to end drag and drop software solution can be easily used for your specific industry and business needs, no matter what hardware or protocol you will be using.

How technical do I need to be?

Rayven was designed from the ground up to be extremely powerful and user friendly for non technical people. With Rayven you don’t need to be technical at all to be able to design and deploy your IoT solution. Our IoT consultants are awlways available to support and help you throughout the process.

How much does it cost?

The pricing model depends on the size of the project, industry and amount assets to be monitored and device installed. We support multi-vendor gateways and can connect to any system. Contact us for more details