Concrete temperature and maturity monitoring

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Project Description

Concrete temperature and maturity monitoring

 One of the most widely used materials in the world is concrete. It’s everywhere. Mesuring the concrete strength is a critical process in any construction project.

How we have enhanced the method  of concrete strength monitoring

The method to monitor the strength of concrete hasn’t changed for decades, and involves breaking of pieces of concrete and in some instances specially prepared moles are prepared for lab testing. a process that costs money and takes days and has a mojor impact on project times lines and costs.

Some of the methods done, are just not exact, like weather conditions, which may affect the results. one of the accepted tests which is known to be precise is the concrete maturity test. In this method, the strength is correlated with the concrete maturity which is a function of temperature history which in many projects is measured using loggers, which is a manual and time consuming process.

This is why IoT based sensors are a game changer. Using sensors in the concrete project managers can have real time visibility on the concrete temperature/maturity. No matter where they are. The monitoring system not only tracks the concrete, but also notifies when the concrete has reach the “ready” point. This saves them tremendous amount of time money and hassle, and enables them better prediction on their project time estimates.

Key Features

  • Ready-mix data transmitted wirelessly to smartphone app for instant on-site analysis

  • Smart analysis of concrete performance

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Faster decision making and improved processes

  • Project-based performance results

  • Vital data on formwork removal and post-tensioning, which can only be carried out when specific concrete strength is met

  • Ready-mix producers can upload lists of their calibrated ready-mixes to the cloud, and transmit concrete-strength data directly to job sites.

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What will I see in the demo?

Using real time data, our IoT cunsultant will demo and explain how our end to end drag and drop software solution can be easily used for your specific industry and business needs, no matter what hardware or protocol you will be using.

How technical do I need to be?

Rayven was designed from the ground up to be extremely powerful and user friendly for non technical people. With Rayven you don’t need to be technical at all to be able to design and deploy your IoT solution. Our IoT consultants are awlways available to support and help you throughout the process.

How much does it cost?

The pricing model depends on the size of the project, industry and amount assets to be monitored and device installed. We support multi-vendor gateways and can connect to any system. Contact us for more details