IIoT Security

IIoT Security

Dynamix keeps your data secure at all points with in-built enterprise security + DR protection as-standard.

End-to-end enterprise IIoT security from the ground-up.

With valuable data and insights being communicated from the cloud to the Edge, delivering brilliant outcomes depends on ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and mitigating cyber security risks – something Dynamix was built to do at its very core.

Security without usability would be useless, so we’ve been careful not to encumber end users, too. By leveraging data encryption and some of our own proprietary technologies, we guarantee a brilliant user experience and have made Dynamix one of the safest and most secure Industry 4.0 platforms in the world.

TLS Handshake Protocol

Dynamix features the TLS Handshake Protocol to allow 2-way authentication and encryption prior to sending data. In addition, the platform incorporates TLS Record Protocol, working on top of standard TCP, to ensure that created connections are secure and reliable.

SSL encryption

To allow for authentication and data encryption between servers, machines and applications operating over a network. Dynamix uses 256-bit SSL encryption between end-user devices (PCs, tablets, mobile phones) and the cloud as standard.

Rayven AI Defender

A proprietary security algorithm based on machine learning, it detects anomalies in data patterns and alerts you of issues and provides you with recommendations on next actions.

Certificate-based device authentication

Private and public key pairing allows for additional authentication at the physical layer. The private key is stored securely in the device and is not discoverable outside the device.

Security (Bearer) tokens

We’ve implemented security tokens to authenticate devices and services which avoids the need to send keys over networks or the internet.

Device authentication

Enabling the client and server to authenticate with each other by the device ID. This allows for device security checks via automated polling and/or pull request (device dependent).

Database encryption

Available for private cloud customers, database encryption provides your business with the ability to encrypt all database content at rest.


We provide a secure FTP connection to transfer files and traverse the file system on both local and remote systems, adding an extra level of security.


Dynamix provides security at the whole-of-server-level for devices and/or users to connect to the platform (only available for private cloud customers).

Complete security, end-to-end.

Complete security, end-to-end.

Security across all layers.

Rayven has thought about your data science, AI + IIoT platform’s security at every stage, breaking it down and looking at it at three key levels.


We’ve tools to mitigate threats to processes both under your control and from external entities that interact with the system that are not under the control of the data science, AI + IIoT platform.

Communication / data flows

The Dynamix platform has been designed to eliminate threats that exist along the communication path between devices, devices and field gateways, as well as device and cloud gateway.


Our Dynamix data science, AI + IIoT platform is designed to cancel-out threats that might exist to temporary data queues, operating systems (OS) and image storage.

Discover more about the Dynamix all-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform's security credentials.

If you’d like to know more about our security credentials and how Dynamix can ensure security across your organization and solution, download our brochure.

Discover more about the Dynamix all-in-one data science, AI + IIoT platform's security credentials.

Rayven's Dynamix platform was built from the ground up with security in mind - security is our number one priority.

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