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About Rayven

We make it easy to achieve your goals using custom integration, real-time data + industrial IoT solutions.

About Rayven.

Rayven is a privately owned Australian SaaS technology company with a global footprint, focused on helping industrial businesses seize the opportunities that real-time data analysis and custom integration, real-time data + IoT solution development can deliver.

At our core is our world-leading integrated data, AI + IoT platform. It enables businesses to integrate, ETL and analyse all of their data sources in real-time; and develop custom solutions that put the results of that analysis - plus all-new Industry 4.0 capabilities - in the hands of their people so that they can improve outcomes, simply.

We enable businesses to:

  • Defeat integration, data silo + real-time data analysis challenges
  • Create custom workflows, automations + add AI to existing technologies
  • Build custom, scalable integration, real-time data + IoT solutions
  • Get help with Data Science, connectors, app development -anything.

Rayven gives people real-time performance transparency, predictive insights, and all-new ways to improve performance all in one place; without causing disruption or creating risk.

Speak to us today to discover just how we can help you and your business, fast.

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About Rayven.

Rayven's mission.

Rayven is on a mission to give people working within industrial businesses complete real-time performance transparency and the tools necessary to make immediate operational changes, so that they can achieve strategic objectives, simply.

We design technology that's:

  • Highly-flexible and robust enough for industry and its many uses
  • Completely interoperable
  • All-in-one, delivering on the combined potential of data, AI and IoT platforms
  • Easy-to-use and configure, using codeless drag-and-drop interfaces
  • Future-proofed and SaaS-based
  • Secure at every point
  • Affordable for every business.

We want to take the complexity out of Industry 4.0 technology and enable every industrial business to access and succeed with it, so that society as a whole can reap the benefits of more productive, efficient, and sustainable industrial sectors.


Rayven's vision.

Growing environmental and societal obligations, coupled with safety, productivity and efficiency objectives, is making the use of real-time data analysis and Industry 4.0 technology a must-have if industrial businesses are to not just survive, but thrive into the future.

Data, AI and IoT technologies have been evolving and converging since the term ‘Industry 4.0’ was first coined in 2011, but not to a point where the technology could actually deliver on its vision. Off-the-shelf solutions have been for very narrow single use cases; unable to support the raft of solutions that businesses will need to succeed with and transform their business and operations, end-to-end.

This has led many businesses to seek out new platforms (or build their own), but the expense, timescales and ongoing commitment involved makes it unviable for all but the largest businesses - it can also be highly-undesirable, too.

In recent years however, a new breed of businesses and SaaS technology platforms have emerged that are now capable of delivering the Industry 4.0 vision in a commercially-viable way, but the path to success with them is uncertain for many businesses.

We believe that by 2030, there will be a raft of all-in-one data, AI + IoT platforms that power the industrial companies of tomorrow. As common and commoditised as ERP, Finance and CRM software; these platforms will be the lifeblood of industry and the way for businesses to seize opportunities and play a responsible role in society, transforming them and us forever.

Rayven will be a leader among them, offering businesses with the ability to easily combine real-time data sources and create custom industrial applications that enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to transform, succeed, and be capable of thriving into the future.

Our vision

Why our customers choose Rayven.

Our unrivalled offering provides you with everything you need to succeed, fast.
Robust, industrial-dedicated technology Robust, industrial-dedicated technology

The only fully-featured, all-in-one platform built for industry that combines data, AI + IoT abilities seamlessly.

Extreme interoperability Tech-agnostic, extreme interoperability

Our technology integrates with any machinery, systems, technologies and data stores to effortlessly create a real-time single source of truth.

Emissions-costs-blue Sustainability-conscious

We’re dedicated to helping you to do things better with less waste: efficiency. What is good for you is even better for the planet.

One platform, multiple use cases One platform, multiple use cases

Get real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and AI-led productivity solutions - or anything else - in one platform.

Low cost Low cost

Works with what you have, pay only for what you use, and is the only Industry 4.0 platform you’ll ever need.

Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable

Start with one device and a single solution, end with millions across hundreds.

Build custom IoT solutions, simply Ready-to-deploy or create from scratch

We enable you to easily create and customise the integration, real-time data + IoT solutions you need using easy-to-use, codeless interfaces.

Enterprise security Enterprise security

Our platform is built with security as a top priority, so our proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points

SaaS-based, Edge-ready SaaS-based, Edge-ready

Our technology doesn’t require IT support, can be deployed anywhere, and supports Edge processing.

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The science behind our technology.

Utilising scientific methods, data and Machine Learning to extract new business-changing insights.

The research

Over 6 years of research by 2+ universities.

The smarts

7 years of development by 10+ researchers.

The math

We've developed 1,000+ algorithms.

The industry know-how

More 70+ years of real-world experience.

Create integration, real-time data + IoT solutions that improve your business.

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Offer Industry 4.0-ready applications to your customers the easy way.

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Solving industry-wide problems with partners.

We collaborate with best-in-class partners across the world to help solve strategic and operational problems for industrial businesses together.

Through coupling our integrated data, AI + IoT platform, solution development capabilities, and industrial expertise with other leading companies' capabilities; we create joint and white-labelled solutions that enable customers to achieve their strategic objectives - adding value, generating revenue and future-proofing product offerings in the process.

Help us understand the problems you solve in your business or sector, and we can help you create a solution that you can own and take to market.

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Solving industry-wide problems with partners.

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