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Use AI to uncover all-new insights, drive innovation + make better decisions.


Rayven enables Senior Managers to get a complete, real-time view of their operations and then apply a range different analytics and AI to uncover better ways of operating + then action them, instantly.

Empower decision-making with AI: drive operational performance, everywhere.

Modern businesses run on data + AI is the key to unleashing its potential. Rayven is a complete real-time data, AI + IoT platform that enables your business to (easily) add AI to existing technologies; combine and analyse all data sources in real-time; and build custom apps as unique as your business that improve decision-making and performance.

| Add AI to existing technologies.

Create custom AI models and use your real-time data to direct actions, interventions, and optimisations.

| Get better, more accurate answers.

Solve integration + real-time data analysis issues to get the complete view. Use AI to dig deeper, simply.

| Create apps as unique as your business.

Build apps that perfectly fit your business + empower your people to make (and execute) better decisions.

Reduce costs, get complete transparency + use AI on your own data (in real-time) to improve decision-making.


Five things our all-in-one platform enables Senior Managers to do.

Senior Managers in industrial businesses need to steer the organisation towards its strategic goals, ensuring operational excellence, financial health, and market competitiveness. To do so, they need an accurate, holistic view of the business with actionable insights into operations, and foresight into market trends.

Rayven's custom application development, Generative AI and reporting software equips senior managers with all-new tools to derive strategic insights from data, anticipate market shifts, and optimise operations for sustained growth and resilience.


Analyse Real-Time, Complete Data Sets.

Rayven has all the features needed to solve any integration and data challenge + remove data silos. Get a complete, real-time single source of truth upon which you can interrogate using AI, BI and analytics.

Use Custom LLMs To Unearth All-New Insights.

Build custom models that understand your business, processes, sites, and assets. Use them to explore your operation, ask how to improve + put in place all-new ways to increase profits, reduce costs, and optimise performance.

Strategic Decision Support + Risk Mitigation.

Use predictive and conversational analytics to explore the potential impact of decisions based real-world data. Ask for insights and identify potential risks in operations and mitigate them with using a simple prompt.

Streamline Reporting + Compliance.

Make reporting 1-click. Easily track compliance and other key regulatory measures, create alerts ahead of threshold breaches, and gain insights into how performance can be improved and fines avoided - all in real-time.

Design New AI-Led Processes + Automations.

Rayven unites all your technologies and add its capabilities. Enable teams to leverage Generative AI, Machine Learning + automation. Give legacy technologies new abilities and increase the longevity of your existing investments.


Every feature your team will need today + want tomorrow in one platform. 

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + delivering extreme capabilities; our integrated data, AI + IoT platform gives you everything you need to build brilliant applications, simply.


Integrations + Data Ingestion: Any Data, Anywhere.

We can integrate and ingest data from anywhere, connecting to systems via connectors, dynamic nodes, or custom scripts.

Rayven enables you to create a real-time single source of truth for entire technology ecosystems, simply, and push data to any system so you that you don't need to change processes or disrupt your business.

   - Connect to anything
   - Ingest any data format or structure
   - Time series + static data
   - 20+ protocol connectors ready-to-go
   - Import files
   - Security + DR as-standard


Data Management: Easily manage all your data streams from one place.

We make it easy to manage all your data streams no matter their origin, format, and structure. Use easy-to-use, enterprise-level tools to pre-process + store your data, making it ready for anything.

   - Live pre-processing
   - Data labelling
   - Data analytics
   - Device management
   - Data availability
   - Export anywhere

Framed-Output-APIReal-Time Analysis: Collate, transform, ETL, store + analyse real-time data, simply.

Rayven is also a complete ETL platform that enables you to transform and analyse your real-time data in the moment, before sending critical insights to external systems or dashboards built onto the system.

   - Calculations
   - Aggregations
   - Backfill
   - Data integrity
   - Thresholds
   - Custom Coding Logic

Rayven-Gen-AIGenerative AI: Use conversational analytics to interrogate + visualize, simply.

Rayven enables you to customise LLMs, simply, using real-time data. Use conversational analytics to interrogate your data, uncover all-new insights hidden in your data sets, ask for recommendations, and generate data visualizations, simply.

   - Create highly-customised LLMs
   - Interrogate real-time data
   - Generate visualizations
   - Forecast + predict outcomes
   - Conversational analytics
   - Take action to optimise

ML-NodeMachine Learning: Unleash the power of accurate predictive analytics.

Rayven enables your team (and can assist) with developing your own Machine Learning algorithms or importing any Python-based model, before training and deploying it to deliver predictive insights in real-time.

   - Real-time analysis
   - Data preparation
   - Model training + comparison
   - Visualizations
   - Import + create algorithms
   - Predictive analytics

Water-1-NetworkPerformanceDashboards, Alerts, Reports + GPTs: Create the interfaces + tools you need, limitlessly.

Rayven enables you to create dashboards with a range of interfaces that deliver different users with the real-time insights, data visualizations + conversational analytics interfaces you need to interrogate your data in deeper, all-new ways.

   - Create data visualizations + dashboards
   - Set-up notifications + alerts
   - Interrogate data using conversational analytics
   - Complete branding options
   - Automate reporting
   - Guarantee real-time accuracy

Unify all your data sources + replace multiple systems for our single, easy-to-use toolkit.


Generative AI can transform data analysis, but what matters most is what’s under the surface: data

Generative AI's effectiveness hinges on the data that Large Language Models (LLMs) have been trained on, its update rate + user feedback.

Rayven is unique because our platform excels at not only creating the data sets + LLMs, refreshing them in real-time, and delivering them to users in easily explorable interfaces; but it does all the things that are critical in-between.

Learn more about Rayven's Generative AI

Why are Rayven’s Generative AI capabilities a gamechanger?

  • Data-Lake-Data-Warehouse-Rayven

    1: Real-Time Data

    Rayven can collate + transform
    your real-time data to make it
    available for analysis and
    add feedback in the moment.

  • Vibration-waves

    2: Custom LLM

    Rayven can create a custom LLM
    that's trained on your data,
    use case, and sector to deliver
    unparalleled insights + capabilities.

  • How to build a custom digital product the easy way

    3: In-Situ Conversational

    Rayven gives users bespoke
    interfaces to interrogate +
    question their data in
    your app dashboards.

Make better decisions, quicker.

Add AI to all existing technologies.

Reduce operational + technology costs.

Future-proof technology that grows with you.

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Rayven is fully-featured + has everything you and your wider business needs to succeed with real-time data + AI applications.


Solve complex integration challenges, fast.

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Create a real-time source of truth for anything.

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Machine Learning + predictive analytics.

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Build automations that optimise performance.

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Deploy anywhere + improve existing stack.

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Manage user access, control + roles, simply.

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Sleep easy with enterprise security built-in.

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 Build dashboards, visualizations + alerts for anyone.

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Unleash the power of Generative AI everywhere.

Generative AI