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Rayven Pricing: Affordable Industry 4.0 transformation for every business.

Rayven Pricing

Delivering custom  integration, real-time data + IoT solutions, affordably.

The Rayven pricing structure is transparent, simple and will fit businesses of all shapes and sizes - no matter what you are trying to achieve.

We believe that custom integration, real-time data + IoT solutions should be a part of every business - and we're working hard to make it happen.

Our world-leading integrated data, AI + IoT platform and the solutions built on it are fast-to-configure and deploy, easy-to-use, and deliver transformative results.

However the true beauty of our platform to your business is that it's all-in-one, high-capability SaaS software that gives businesses of all shapes and sizes access to transformative Industry 4.0 tools and software that, until now, only enterprises could afford.


Pay by sensor, by machine, by site - or something else.

We have pricing models and structures that can be tailored to suit your needs and make next generation Industry 4.0 data, AI + IoT technology accessible for all. However you need to operate, we have got you covered and will ensure that working with us is both simple and affordable.

The Rayven pricing model:

Create integration, real-time data + IoT solutions that improve your business.

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Offer Industry 4.0 applications to your customers the easy way.

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License Fees: use as little or as much as you like.

Our license fees are flexible and can be set-up to suit your deployment.

Rayven measures consumption by 'data transactions'. Data transactions are generated by data ingestion, calculations and processing. Elements that influence the number of transactions required for a solution include: number of devices or assets, payload size, number of payloads received, complexity of calculations required.

License Fees: use as little or as much as you like

Keeping things simple.

For our standard multi-tenant deployments, you can pay by:

  • Device,
  • Asset,
  • Site,
  • Customer,
  • Whole of Account, or
  • A custom grouping or combination of the above.
Keeping things simple.

Included as-standard:

  • Whitelabelling to match your brand
  • Device management
  • Data ingestion
  • Data transformation + processing
  • Data hosting
  • Premium Workflow Builder access for the creation of custom rules, events and triggers
  • AI Dynamix machine learning toolkit / engine functionality
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Automation and control
  • Real-time dashboards and predictive analytics
  • Advanced reporting triggered by time or events
  • Enterprise security features, including the Rayven Defender
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Ongoing maintenance and system upgrades
  • 24 / 7 / 365 customer support
Included as-standard:

Our technology, your brand.

Unlike our competitors, we include white labelling of our integrated data, AI + IoT platform as-standard.

Our technology, your brand.

Service Fees: enabling you to get the most from your solution, really fast.

To get you up-and-running both quickly and simply, we can provide you with skills and guidance based on experience and in depth understanding of the technologies and science involved; working per hour or at a fixed price so that there are no surprises.

Service Fees: enabling you to get the most from your solution, really fast

Take control: train

One of the key features of working with Rayven is that we will make you as self-sufficient as you want to be.

Whether you want your solutions wholly managed by us, are keen to learn how to create your own ones from scratch, or would like guidance on how to scale and grow your instance into a complete Industry 4.0 solution; we can provide you with training for individuals, teams, departments or businesses.

Discuss your training needs with us today.

Take control: train

Ongoing improvement: Service Packs

You can buy our Service Packs, which include a bundled number of hours at a discount that can be used to support you with achieving your objectives spread across the calendar.

Use them for anything, including:

  • Deployment: use for solution configuration, machine learning algorithm construction and training, device and dashboard configuration, team and admin training, or anything else!
  • Regular Checks: a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual check-in where you can schedule time with our solution experts who can advise you as to optimisations and opportunities to improve how your solution functions or reduce data usage and transactions.
  • Scaling: use to help deploy the solution at other sites, include new devices and data points, or incorporate whole new use cases.

Our Service Packs can be bought at any time, last for 12 months, and can be configured to meet your individual needs.

Ongoing improvement: Service Packs

Want to try Rayven before you buy? Then get in contact and ask us about a free trial.

Discover the what, why, how, and where to start of delivering on the potential of integrated data, AI + IoT solutions: free, instantly.

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Australian technology + expertise solving real-time industrial challenges, fast + affordably.


Defeat integration, data silo + real-time data analysis challenges.


Create custom workflows, automations + add AI to existing technologies.


Build custom, scalable integration, real-time data + IoT solutions.


Get help with Data Science, connectors, app development -anything.

Discover the platform that powers your solutions, Rayven's integrated data, AI + IoT platform.

See Rayven in action

One of our data science, AI + IIoT specialists will contact you for a live one-on-one demonstration or to answer any questions.