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IoT platform

World-leading real-time data, AI + IoT platform.

Our platform makes it easy to integrate and analyse data sources in real-time, apply predictive analytics, and create the IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 applications that you or your customers need, simply.

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform has all the functionality you need + future-proofs your technology stack.

Rayven's all-in-one data, AI + IoT platform makes it easy for you to integrate data sources from anywhere, analyse them in real-time and push data elsewhere, and deliver custom IoT solutions with automation, predictive analytics, and AI-led decision-making.

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + infinitely scalable: improve productivity, efficiency, ESG performance - or anything else - book a demo today.

Australian IoT technology + expertise solving real-time industrial challenges, fast + affordably.


Defeat system fragmentation, data silos + legacy tech.

Integrate all data + systems to get complete, real-time oversight and enhance decision-making.

data stream

Utilise a complete, all-in-one data + Industry 4.0 toolkit.

Explore Big Data sets, spot trends, and leverage machine learning, automation + AI to improve your operations.


Build custom, real-time industrial IoT solutions + applications.

Create purpose-built applications that deliver real-time insights, predictive analytics + new Industry 4.0 capabilities.


Get help with building solutions, Data Science - anything.

Rayven offers 24/7 support and end-to-end services that enable you to start, scale + succeed with IoT.

Our platform is ultra-interoperable middleware, as well as a complete toolkit for creating world-leading IoT solutions.

Rayven's platform enables you to combine + analyse data from anywhere in real-time - no matter the format - and comes with ready-to-go connectors for 20+ data protocols, including:

Level 1 Data: Manual entry of data via custom forms built within our solutions.

Level 2 Data: Bespoke spreadsheet ingestion via FTP or manual uploads.

Level 3 Data: Integration of real-time data from IT / OT systems + corporate systems.

Level 4 Data: Real-time integration with in-field systems + sensors.

Go it alone or work with us to build, deploy + scale the
IoT solutions you need.

Our data, AI + IoT platform integrates with any machinery, systems, technologies, and data stores so that we can build scalable IoT solutions that fit your business perfectly + come with all the functionality and features you'll ever need.

Rayven Simplified Configuration Diagram

Our data, AI + IoT platform and the solutions built on it have all the tools you need to succeed with IoT, simply


Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform is world-beating, Australian technology with everything you need to
succeed + no hidden fees:


Ingest, standardise + analyse all your data at once.

Our platform supports all data structures, including JSON, CSV, XML, String, as well as ad-hoc structures.


Completely interoperable: integrate anything.

Connect to any system or protocol, including HTTP, MQTT, SNMP, LoRa, Modbus, OPC-UA, FTP, and Raw UDP.


Fits your existing architecture: no new hardware.

Deploy and build solutions in the Cloud, on-premise, or a the Edge. Create a Hybrid Infrastructure, simply.


Create multiple solutions on one platform.

Create multiple real-time monitoring, management and Industry 4.0 solutions all in the same place.


Easy + affordable to scale, whenever you need.

Rayven's platform can scale almost infinitely, meaning you can grow your solution with needs, minimising risk.


Brilliant UX: white label + brand your solutions.

Brand your own IoT applications and dashboards to fit your business or your customers'.


Easy-to-use machine learning + predictive analytic.

Create, train, test + deploy Machine Learning models to discover, forecast and optimise. Import any Python-based algorithms.


Manage + update devices at-scale, simply.

Securely onboard, organise, monitor, and manage all of your IoT devices at scale. Easily maintaining their health.


Streamline processes + add automations.

Create custom rules, workflows + triggers to inform people of required actions in real-time and take action.


Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop configuration.

Build and customise solutions, manage devices, add automations and algorithms + more -  without any coding.


Create custom alerts, dashboards + reports.

Create custom dashboards, alerts, and reports. Deliver the real-time insights different users need, anywhere.


Enterprise security  + encryption at all-points.

Our proprietary security architecture ensures your data is secure at all points; with industry-standard and Rayven-based features.

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Explore our integrated data, AI + IoT platform's out-of-the-box features.

Create and configure your own Industry 4.0 applications + IoT solutions using only drag-and-drop in our codeless editor.

Even non-developers can use our integrated data, AI + IoT platform to create and deploy real-time industrial monitoring, management and predictive analytics solutions, simply.

Through combining all of your data sources, creating real-time dashboards and incorporating machine learning and predictive analytics, anyone can create, deploy and then run real-world IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Create your own data, AI + IoT solutions using drag-and-drop in our Workflow Modeller.
Simple device management from anywhere, at-scale and by anyone.

Our  integrated data, AI + IoT platform’s device management capabilities enable you to connect to any device - from PLCs and SCADA, to energy meters and vibration sensors - so that you can remotely manage and monitor them across all of your facilities and sites.

Use our technology to monitor usage and performance metrics for all of your devices, whilst our inbuilt IoT security layer monitors them an can detect unusual behaviour, taking action before minor issues become problems.

Scale + manage device fleets effortlessly.

Bulk upload millions of devices, group them, and create hierarchies. Understand the state of any device or groups, set-up notifications, and perform actions across individual devices or groups.

Easy device health oversight + management.

Create customised health management interfaces displaying connectivity, battery-status, location, and more. Monitor devices by grouping or drill-down and examine individual asset health.

Easy device administration + updates.

Make it easy to push Firmware updates and change settings, including configuration changes, to individual devices or entire fleets remotely from anywhere, at anytime.

Our data, AI + IoT platform has 100+ ready-to-go function and condition logic nodes ready to go, so you can create the business logic you need.

Create, train and deploy machine learning and AI-led optimisations without writing a line of code in our IoT platform.


Create or import machine learning algorithms, train them, and then deploy into your IoT solution without the need for coding.

A modeller and engine programmable by anyone using only drag-and-drop interfaces, AI Dynamix comes as-standard and is built into our all-in-one data, AI + IoT platform, enabling anyone to unlock the power of predictive analytics and leverage real-time, AI-led optimisations, simply.

Prepare your data.

Select training data from your wider data, AI + IoT platform and apply ready-to-go filters and normalisers that are natively available within AI Dynamix.

Create, import + train.

Anyone can use AI Dynamix's drag-and-drop interface to create an algorithm from scratch or import any Python-based model, before running iterative training.

Deploy + predict.

Deploy your trained model to streaming data in the Workflow Modeller with a single click and visualise the results in your dashboard for real-time future insights.

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform's Hybrid Architecture.

Our  integrated data, AI + IoT platform complements your existing infrastructure, it doesn’t compete with it, increasing the return + time-to-value of your current technology investments and IT strategies.

With ready-to-go-connectors to all major cloud providers, ERP, data lakes, sensors and systems; our platform slots into your architecture to provide you with an easy-to-use, pre-built toolkit for rapidly creating your own IoT solutions as well as giving you a way to quickly turn your on-premise architecture to a hybrid one at a fraction of the usual cost.

Rayven Dynamix’s Enterprise Hybrid Architecture

Enterprise security included, as-standard.

Rayven's all-in-one data, AI + IoT platform has been built with data encryption and security factored into all points of your environment, making it one of the safest and most secure available.

Discover Security Features

Rayven AI Defender Rayven AI Defender

We’ve utilise a proprietary security algorithm designed to detect anomalies in data patterns. Featuring JIT VM access, alerts, application limitations and various thread management tools, it can spot hidden security risks and alert you to them.

Device certificates & tokens Device certificates & tokens

Enables the client and server to authenticate each other by the device ID, to prevent devices and services from sending keys on the network.

Data encryption in transit Data encryption in transit

Data can be encrypted from device to cloud. Devices are authenticated using device keys and 256-bit SSL encryption is used between end-user devices (PCs, tablets, mobile phones) and the cloud.

User data encryption User data encryption

User permissions and role assessments are validated against provided user data via API. Real-time user access validation dynamically updated via API (push or pull).

VPN & API authentication VPN & API authentication

Security at the whole-of-server level for devices and/or users to connect to the platform (only available for private cloud customers) including username / password, and Multifactor tokens.

Security event monitoring Security event monitoring

Dedicated event monitoring at user and device levels. Incident handling based on custom workflow in the platform’s workflow builder.

 What is an Iot Platform ?

An IoT (Internet of Things) platform is a comprehensive technology suite that facilitates the management, automation, and seamless integration of connected devices within the IoT ecosystem. It handles a wide range of functionalities, including device management, data collection and processing, application development, robust security measures, network management, and user interfaces. Additionally, IoT platforms offer integration capabilities with other systems, ensuring scalability and flexibility to adapt to the evolving IoT landscape. These platforms are vital in linking the physical and digital worlds, enabling enhanced efficiency and smarter operations across various sectors such as smart homes, industrial applications, healthcare, and smart cities.

Our technology, your brand.

Rayven's all-in-one data, AI + IoT platform can be white-labelled for you (or your customers), so you are front and centre.

Our technology, your brand

We're obsessed with your success
Gavin Dietz

“Rayven is a key partner for us. Their platform allows us to deliver a remarkable number of different energy and AI + IIoT solutions that have transformed our customers’ businesses for the better and, on the project delivery side, they are very reliable and extremely responsive.”

Gavin Dietz
Chief Executive, Wattwatchers

Justin Brown

“I4 Mining’s attractiveness to us was the company could come in at a level that we needed them to and develop up with us rather than us taking on some gargantuan software giant where we’d use five per cent of it to give us what we need in the immediate sense.”

Justin Brown
Managing Director, Element 25

Using Rayven's all-in-one data, AI + IoT platform, you can create + deploy custom IoT solutions or Industry 4.0 applications, simply.

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