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Sensing the physical world
and applying machine intelligence,
to deliver actionable business insights.

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The IoT Platform for Businesses

Custom design powerful IoT solutions in 4 easy steps

Rayven’s data driven IoT solution builder, enables businesses to design and deploy powerful IOT solutions without writing a line of code.
We believe that your data is your competitive edge.  Harnessing that data leads the path to business excellence!


All the new business models and operational efficiencies you can create using your data


Any device to gain the end-to-end visibility you need to design a fully connected business


All your business rules and logic with our easy to use drag and drop IoT application builder


 Smarter IoT applications and manage your entire operation from anywhere in the world

A fully integrated enterprise IoT solution designed
from the ground up for the Internet of things

Turn your data in to
meaningful action

Utilize granular real time data & actionable insights

Smarter business decisions

Discover endless business opportunities, Increase efficiency, reduce time and cost

Why our customers choose us

We provide meaningful outcomes, by combining powerful software, data science and methodology

Ridiculously Fast

Our code-less, visual drag and drop tools make it easier to rapidly connect and deploy enterprise level IoT application. Maintaining speed to market is now at your reach.

End-to-End Solutions

Reduce all the complexity involved in developing and maintaining a connected business. Design, manage and control your connected business from one integrated platform

Robust security & infrastructure

Leverage our rigorous security and robust scalable infrastructure to insure the reliability and accessibility. Protecting your data is our top mission.

Extremely flexible 

Provides limitless flexibility so it can cater to your specific business needs and enable you to quickly adjust and iterate when needed.

More than just a platform 

We provide access to an entire ecosystem of global IoT specialists, 3rd party apps and much more, to ensure unlimited capabilities.

Your Competitive Edge

Enables you stay ahead of your completions, by providing smarter and more relevant solutions and being quicker on iterating and deploying your applications

See Rayven in action 

One of our IoT specialists will contact you for a live one on one demonstration

No matter what industry or problem

Whether you are after an industry specific solution or a solution across multiple industries, our platform is designed to provide specialized integrated solutions to solve your industry and business challenges. Using our unique data acquisition and processing methodology. We are able surfaces valuable actionable insights to improve operations, create efficiencies and enable your business to innovate.

All our solutions are custom designed to fit your specific business needs

Before we start the work, it is extremely important for us to understand your objectives and targets, as no two factories are the same. Our system’s flexibility enables us to customize it to meet your personal factory objectives.

IoT platform + Data science as a service

Not many companies have the in house capability and tools to rapidly design and deploy a cost-effective end-to-end IoT solution.

As part of our end to end solution we provide strategic guidance together with our IoT hardware and communication expert partners to ensure our clients are designing a future proof solution.

  • Business and operational strategy

  • Support from concept to implementation

  • Ongoing management and support

  • Monitoring, analysis and optimization

A few of our partners

Benefit from our ecosystem of leading device manufactures, application developers, system integrators, IoT experts and value added partners