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Generative AI

Plug in your real-time data + start asking questions.


Our platform's inbuilt Generative AI capabilities enable you to rapidly develop specialised LLMs that are trained to deliver accurate, relevant insights for your business.


Leverage the power of Generative AI, customised LLMs to transform how your business operates, simply.

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform's Generative AI capabilities deliver a complete, easy-to-use toolkit that enables you to bring together your real-time data + interrogate Large Language Models (LLMs) trained on your business via conversational analytics interfaces.

Use Generative AI to uncover insights, develop new automations + action transformative optimisations - all in one-place.

Access ready-to-deploy LLMs
No-code, drag-and-drop configuration
Build RAGs + customise models, simply
Speed-up model training
 Add conversational analytics to apps
Get scalable, reliable performance

Rayven makes leveraging Generative AI across your business to improve decision-making + seize novel optimisations simple.


(Almost) ready-to-go Generative AI: no Data Scientists or Technologists required - just drag-and-drop. 

Use the platform's toolkit and drag-and-drop interfaces to customise LLMs + deploy them in your applications, fast. Enable your end-users to interrogate your data using a conversational analytics interface and uncover all-new insights, seize optimisations in real-time, and create self-optimising feedback loops, simply.


Adding Generative AI to your Rayven applications is very, very simple:

1 | Connect your data.

Use our platform’s integration, data management, processing + analysis capabilities to create a real-time single source of truth for your application.

2 | Add a RAG + supporting data.

Easily create your own Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) workflow, adding your own training data to your LLM and customising it to your business, site, objectives, and use case.

3 | Start asking questions.

Simply add a conversational analytics interface to your applications / dashboards, select your trained LLM + enable your end-users to start interrogating your data and asking for insights.


Create RAG workflows to give context + create custom models, faster.

Rayven enables you to use a drag-and-drop interface for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) workflow creation.

Easily upload static data (csv files, PDFs etc.) to provide additional context and add them to your chosen LLM(s). This will then enable your chosen models to provide you with more accurate, informative, and contextually relevant outputs when it's being used to analyse your real-time + historical data, suggest optimisations, configuring backend workflows, and much more.

Featuring dynamic data retrieval, context-sensitive generation + adaptive learning, use Rayven to create and deploy multiple, custom LLMs that fit your business, application(s) + different user groups, perfectly.

Make your models better, faster, and easily set-up Active Learning.

Rayven enables you to speed-up the training of your LLM, delivering highly-specialized models that fit your business and needs, perfectly.

Use our nodes to configure your models using drag-and-drop; train and compare them against visually using dummy and live data, quickly find the best data sets, and fine tune your models rapidly so that you can make them available for use.

Once live, our platform enables you to constantly improve using Active Learning; meaning they only get better with time, use + growing data sets.


Add custom GPTs to apps/interfaces, simply.

Brilliant Generative AI does nothing if it's not trusted or used, so Rayven makes it easy to interrogate historical, real-time + contextual data together in your custom applications and dashboards.

Our platform enables you to put conversational analytics interfaces on your dashboards, enabling people using your custom applications (and with the right permissions) to interrogate data, uncover new insights, and put in place backend processes that improve operations, simply.

With the context of live, real-time data, as well as a library of suggested prompts, we make it easy to do incredible things with Generative AI  across your technologies + business.

Generative AI can transform apps + businesses, but what matters most is what’s under the surface: data

Generative AI's effectiveness hinges on the data that Large Language Models (LLMs) have been trained on, its update rate + user feedback.

Rayven is unique because our platform excels at not only creating the data sets + LLMs, refreshing them in real-time, and delivering them to users in easily explorable interfaces; but it does all the things that are critical in-between.


Why are Rayven’s Generative AI capabilities a gamechanger?

  • Data-Lake-Data-Warehouse-Rayven

    1: Real-Time Data

    Rayven can collate + transform
    your real-time data to make it
    available for analysis and
    add feedback in the moment.

  • Vibration-waves

    2: Custom LLM

    Rayven can create a custom LLM
    that's trained on your data,
    use case, and sector to deliver
    unparalleled insights + capabilities.

  • How to build a custom digital product the easy way

    3: In-Situ Conversational

    Rayven gives users bespoke
    interfaces to interrogate +
    question their data in
    your app dashboards.

Train LLMs on your data to get tailored insights.

Leverage conversational analytics anywhere.

Update data sources in real-time.

Scale models rapidly to cover multiple uses.

Every feature you need + others you’ll want in one platform. 

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + delivering extreme capabilities; our integrated data, AI + IoT platform gives you everything you need to build brilliant applications, simply.


Explore some of our platform's other features:

Integration + Data Ingestion.

Rayven is ultra-interoperable middleware that's can connect to any device, database, system, SaaS, machine, third-party data feed - anything - both fast and simply.

It does this using a unique toolkit of scripts, integration nodes and out-of-the-box connectors that can connect at a deeper, protocol level. The result is you can ingest data in any format, structure, static or time-series, via file import, and more.


Data Transformation + Real-Time Analysis.

Rayven makes it simple to clean, normalise + prepare all of your data for analysis - in real-time.

Beyond pre-processing, we make it easy transform you data and align it for the multiple purposes you may have for it; whether that's for use in Machine Learning and LLMs, executing machine control commands, pushing data elsewhere - anything.

Control + Automation.

Our platform enables you to orchestrate processes and execute commands within and outside the platform.

Rayven enables you to create rules, control machines + put in place sophisticated automations that put in place self-optimising operations based on real-time, real-world performance - all without writing a line of code.


Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics.

Rayven makes it simple to incorporate Machine Learning and use it to deliver accurate forecast + optimise decision-making.

Simply create/import, test and train algorithms, then deploy the best one(s) into live, real-time via our Workflow Builder to deliver predictive insights to end-users, trigger automations + autonomously improve operational performance.

Interfaces, Alerts + Reports.

Create custom front-end application interfaces, alerts + reports that give your users the insights and capabilities needed to make better decisions and put in place optimisations, simply.

Build custom dashboards complete with sophisticated data visualizations, GPT interfaces + virtual controls; trigger alerts; and put in place 1-click or automatic reporting.


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