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|  Integrate Anything.
|  Analyse Everything.
|  Use AI Anywhere.

We work with organisations around the world, giving them the technology + know-how needed to solve complex industrial challenges using an all-in-one, drag-and-drop toolkit.

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| Solve integration + real-time data challenges, simply.

Solve legacy technology, integration + real-time data analysis problems at once, forever.

| Build apps as
unique as your business, fast.

Build apps that perfectly fit your sector, business, site, use case, machinery, personnel + processes.

| Add AI to all
your existing technologies.

Create custom AI models and use your real-time data to direct actions, automations + optimisations.

Rayven has everything you need to create future-ready industrial applications, fast + affordably.


Create applications as unique as your business + its operations.

Our platform is all-in-one, giving you everything you need to build and customise applications to individual operations, sites, use cases, and users.

1 | Integrate: connect all your technologies + ingest any data from anywhere.

2 | Collate: ETL, store, process + analyse all your data in real-time.

3 | Build: workflows, alerts, automations, reports + application interfaces.

4 | AI: add ML, Predictive Analytics + Generative AI to your applications, simply.


Rayven replaces the need for multiple systems + will unite legacy technology ecosystems.


Integrate: Any technology, device, system, or data stream, guaranteed.

We can integrate and ingest data from anywhere, connecting to systems via connectors, dynamic nodes, or custom scripts.

Ultra-interoperable middleware, Rayven enables you to create a real-time single source of truth for entire industrial technology ecosystems - the critical first step to building real-time data + AI applications that can transform processes, businesses, and sectors.


Process: Collate, ETL, pre-process, store + analyse all your data in real-time.

We make it easy to manage all your data streams no matter their origin, format, and structure. Use easy-to-use, enterprise-level tools to pre-process + store your data, making it ready for anything.

Rayven is also a complete ETL + Machine Learning platform that enables you to transform and analyse your real-time data in the moment, before sending critical insights to external systems or...

Rayven-ESGLive-5-MetricsBuild: Application interfaces, data visualizations, logic + automations.

Use our drag-and-drop Workflow Builder to combine different data sources, perform complex calculations, create data visualizations, set alerts, build sophisticated automations... and more.

You can then use our codeless dashboard builder to create interfaces that give different users the real-time data, virtual controls, predictive analytics, and conversational analytics they need to make better decisions in real-time.

Rayven-Gen-AIAI: Create, customise + add Generative AI and Machine Learning to anything.

Our platform’s Machine Learning and Generative AI capabilities transform your operations and business by bringing together your real-time data, any Python Machine Learning algorithm + enabling you to customise Large Language Models (LLMs) trained on your business in one place.

Enable your people to interrogate and explore what's happening in the moment, ask questions, improve your back and front ends, uncover and put in place actions to seize optimisations, and much more.

Create the applications, alerts + reports needed to improve operations using real-time data and AI capabilities, everywhere.


Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform is world-leading technology with everything you need to succeed:


Ingest, standardise + analyse all your data at once.

Rayven can ingest any data from anywhere; supporting all data structures, formats, velocities, and volumes.


Completely interoperable: integrate anything.

Connect to any system, device, machinery, data stream; including HTTP, MQTT, SNMP, LoRa, Modbus, OPC-UA, FTP, and Raw UDP.


Fits your existing architecture: no new hardware.

Deploy and build applications in the Cloud or on-premise. Create hybrid Infrastructure, simply.


Create multiple applications on one platform.

Create multiple real-time data and AI applications in the same place.


Easy + affordable to scale, whenever you need.

Rayven's platform can scale almost infinitely, meaning you can grow your solution with needs, minimising risk.


Brilliant UX: white label + brand your solutions.

Brand your own applications and dashboards to fit your business or your customers'.


Easy-to-implement Machine Learning + Generative AI.

Easily create, train + deploy custom ML models and LLMs. Add AI guidance and decision-making across your business, simply.


Manage + update devices at-scale, simply.

Securely onboard, organise, monitor, and manage all of your IoT devices at scale. Easily maintaining their health.


Streamline processes + add automations.

Create custom rules, workflows + triggers to inform people of required actions in real-time and take action.


Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop configuration.

Build and customise solutions, manage devices, add automations and algorithms + more - without any coding.


Create custom interfaces, alerts + reports.

Create custom alerts, reports + interfaces with dashboards, GPTs, data visualizations, virtual controls + more.


Enterprise security + encryption at all-points.

Our proprietary security architecture ensures your data is secure at all points; with industry-standard and Rayven-based features.

End-to-end support: discover our custom application development services.

Rayven can help you to use our world-leading technology to integrate your data sources, customise AI models + build bespoke applications that improve your business, simply.

We're obsessed with your success.

Gavin Dietz

“Rayven is a key partner for us. Their platform allows us to deliver a remarkable number of different energy and AI + IIoT solutions that have transformed our customers’ businesses for the better. On the project delivery side they have proven to be very reliable and extremely responsive.”

Gavin Dietz
Chief Executive, Wattwatchers

Justin Brown

“I4 Mining’s attractiveness to us was the company could come in at a level that we needed them to and develop up with us rather than us taking on some gargantuan software giant where we’d use five per cent of it to give us what we need in the immediate sense.”

Justin Brown
Managing Director, Element 25

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