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iot device management platform

IoT Device Management Platform

Simple Device Management, everywhere.

Onboard, organise, monitor, and manage devices at scale, securely. Control everything, everywhere using drag-and-drop.

Monitor, manage + update all of your devices from anywhere, at-scale using Dynamix.

Rayven's Dynamix IoT platform and the IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 applications built on it have easy device management functionality, allowing you to connect devices, existing systems, and third-party data and technology provider - even at the Edge - enabling you to adopt real-time analytics and scale rapidly.

With an added security layer that’s monitoring the data flowing from the devices to ensure safety and data integrity at all times, Dynamix makes device management not just easy, but ultra-secure, too.

Dynamix's device management features:

Fast device onboarding

Bulk upload thousands of devices and their attributes securely in a click of a button.

Simple device organization

Organise your devices into groups and cascade them by hierarchy to make it easy to track, operate, and manage.

Locate connected devices

Search and find any device or group so you can take action at individual asset and asset class levels.

Easy device updates

Remotely update the software running your devices after they have been deployed in the field, simply.

IoT device management

Register devices and inject metadata into raw device data, create groups for bulk management, and send commands.

Built-in firmware updates

Fix vulnerabilities, update configuration settings, and add new functionality via simple web interfaces.

Discover Dynamix's simple device management capabilities:
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Dynamix can make managing your IoT devices, sensors, machinery, plant, and much more very, very simple.


Dynamix's device management features enable you to
manage anything.

Connect a diverse array of devices - from PLCs and SCADA, to energy meters and vibration sensors - so that you can remotely manage and monitor them across all of your facilities and sites.

You can then monitor usage and performance metrics for all of your devices, whilst our inbuilt IoT security layer monitors them an can detect unusual behaviour, taking action before minor issues become problems.


Scale + manage effortlessly, whether it's 1 or 1,000,000 devices.

Bulk upload millions of devices, group them, and create hierarchy structures. From there, you can understand in real-time the state of any device or group of devices, set-up notifications, and perform actions across individual devices or groups.

Device health management.

Create customised health management interfaces displaying connectivity, battery-status, location and much more. You monitor devices by grouping, model or drill-down and look at individual assets from a single interface, as well as making it easy to create alerts and send notifications and make you aware of issues with equipment.


Easy device administration + updates.

Push Firmware updates and change settings, including configuration changes, to individual devices or entire fleets remotely from anywhere at anytime.

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Discover what makes Rayven's technology, data science and industrial expertise world-leading and how your business can benefit from it.

Who is Rayven Brochure

Discover why Dynamix is a world-leading data, AI + IoT platform.


Robust, industrial-dedicated technology

The only fully-featured, all-in-one platform built for industry that combines data, AI + IoT capabilities seamlessly - with no hidden costs.


Extreme interoperability

Our technology integrates with any machinery, systems, technologies and data stores to effortlessly create a real-time single source of truth.


One platform, multiple use cases

Get real-time monitoring, predictive insights, and AI-led productivity solutions - or anything else - in one platform.


Ready-to-deploy or create from scratch

Adopt ready-to-deploy solutions or create them yourself using easy-to-use, codeless interfaces.


Low cost + affordable for all

Works with what you have, pay only for what you use, and it's the only Industry 4.0 platform you’ll ever need.


Fast-to-deploy, infinitely scalable

Start with one device and a single solution, end with millions across hundreds.


SaaS-based, Edge-ready

Our technology doesn’t require IT support, can be deployed anywhere, and supports Edge processing.


Enterprise security as-standard

Dynamix is built with security as a top priority, so our proprietary security architecture ensures your data is secure at all points.


End-to-end services + 24/7 support

We can help you with data science and machine learning, solution design, build, deployment, scaling, optimization, plus provide 24 / 7 technical support.

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One of our data science, AI + IIoT specialists will contact you for a live one-on-one demonstration or to answer any questions.