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Data Management Platform

Easily manage all your data streams in one place.


Our platform makes it easy to manage data streams - no matter their origin + format - and store their data securely using easy-to-use, enterprise-level tools; making it ready for anything.


Tag, label + store ALL your data as it's generated in real-time.

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform's data management capabilities give you codeless interfaces to effortlessly manage your data streams in real-time; making it available within Rayven for use in our Workflow Builder to create automations, run machine learning, and much more.

Beyond tagging and labelling, Rayven enables you to better manage infield devices and systems that are generating the data, as well as giving you a place to store it all securely; ensuring its utility, integrity + accessibility.

Real-time data stream monitoring
Label all your data as it's produced
Easily create a single source of truth
Built-in device + system management
Make your data available, everywhere
Export collated data sets anywhere

Rayven gives your data streams logic + structure in real-time, all whilst creating a secure, scalable home for it.


Manage data streams, devices + create a real-time single source of truth, simply. 

When the volume, velocity + variety of your data is increasing at an unprecedented rate, our platform enables your to harness your data effectively - no matter where it lies - simply.

With it's out-of-the-box abilities to manage data streams, devices, and create a secure real-time single source of truth; Rayven has everything you need in one place.


Give instant context: real-time tagging + labelling.

Rayven's Data Management interface enables you to tag and label all of the data streams that are flowing into your platform in one place, automatically giving it logic and structure in real-time as it enters the platform.

An essential step, tagging and labelling allows you to then use the stored historical and real-time data that's flowing into your platform for more advanced functions, such as transformation or use in automation and machine learning.

Secure, infinitely-scalable data storage.

Rayven doesn't just give your raw, unstructured data context, it also secures it for you in our a protected Cassandra database.

Our approach not only means that you don't need to worry about data storage and security (explore our full Enterprise Security features here), but it also ensure data availability at any given moment for anything - both within and outside the platform - delivering you a real-time single source of truth to do whatever you want with.


Real-time data stream monitoring.

Sometimes, you only find out that there's a problem when something tangible goes wrong.

Our platform enables you to monitor your data streams, no matter the source, in real-time using custom logic. Create alerts and dashboards that deliver you key insights into the quality of the data flowing into the platform and instantly know if one goes down, so you can remediate and mitigate the impact, instantly.

Easy device management.

Effortlessly onboard, manage and monitor your IoT devices with Rayven's intuitive device management system.

  • Real-time monitoring: Track device performance, individual data streams + device health.
  • Group, scale + analyse at-will: Bulk upload millions of devices, group them, and create structure, simply.
  • Collaborative analysis: Trigger Immediate alerts for device issues.
  • Upgrade software: Replace basic out-of-the-box device software.
  • Remote Management: Manage devices from any location.

Learn more about Rayven's Device Management capabilities  


Give all your data instant context.

Monitor your data streams in real-time.

Create a secure + scalable home for your all data.

Guarantee data availability.

Every feature you need + others you’ll want tomorrow in one platform. 

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + delivering extreme capabilities; Rayven gives you an integration (iPaaS), ETL, Data, Workflow, Machine Learning, IoT, Analytics, AI + App Development platform in-one.

Pay only for what you do + get a platform that will grow with your business and needs - get started today, simply.


Explore some of our platform's other features:

Integration + Data Ingestion.

Rayven is ultra-interoperable middleware that's can connect to any device, database, system, SaaS, machine, third-party data feed - anything - both fast and simply.

It does this using a unique toolkit of scripts, integration nodes and out-of-the-box connectors that can connect at a deeper, protocol level. The result is you can ingest data in any format, structure, static or time-series, via file import, and more.


Real-Time Data Transformation + Analysis.

Rayven makes it simple to clean, normalise + prepare all of your data for analysis - in real-time.

Beyond pre-processing, we make it easy transform you data and align it for the multiple purposes you may have for it; whether that's for use in Machine Learning and LLMs, executing machine control commands, pushing data elsewhere - anything.

Custom Workflows.

Our Workflow Builder is the drag-and-drop interface that enables you to easily create rules, connect systems, trigger alerts, automate processes + much, much more.

Creating workflows is incredibly simple and consists of dragging onto the builder different types of 'nodes' and connecting them in different ways to deliver action based on your goals.


Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics.

Rayven makes it simple to incorporate Machine Learning and use it to deliver accurate forecast + optimise decision-making.

Simply create/import, test and train algorithms, then deploy the best one(s) into live, real-time via our Workflow Builder to deliver predictive insights to end-users, trigger automations + autonomously improve operational performance.

Generative AI

Our platform's inbuilt Generative AI capabilities enable you to use custom LLMs, build RAGs + make conversational analytics available for users to explore your real-time data and optimise operations, everywhere.

Develop models that are tailored for your businesses and its precise needs, put in place custom safeguards + limits, and make Generative AI available across your business, simply.  


Control + Automation.

Our platform enables you to orchestrate processes and execute commands within and outside the platform.

Rayven enables you to create rules, control machines + put in place sophisticated automations that put in place self-optimising operations based on real-time, real-world performance - all without writing a line of code.

Interfaces, Alerts + Reports.

Create custom front-end application interfaces, alerts + reports that give your users the insights and capabilities needed to make better decisions and put in place optimisations, simply.

Build custom dashboards complete with sophisticated data visualizations, GPT interfaces + virtual controls; trigger alerts; and put in place 1-click or automatic reporting.


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