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Data Transformation Tool

Real-time data transformation + analysis made simple.


Our platform gives you an easy-to-use toolkit to convert, normalise + prepare your data so that it's ready for analysis in real-time - both within and outside Rayven.


Rayven enables you to transform + analyse all your data in real-time, making it ready for anything.

Delivering on the full potential of real-time data and AI applications relies on having accurate, complete + prepared data sets, so our integrated data, AI + IoT platform gives you a full, easy-to-use Data Science toolkit to pre-process (clean, normalise + prepare) all your data in real-time

Coupling our platform's real-time data transformation and analysis capabilities with its integration and data management functionality, Rayven gives you an end-to-end, brilliant ETL platform that also enables you to create automations, use machine learning, build interfaces with data visualizations, GPTs + virtual controls, and much more.

Transform + analyse all your data in real-time
Get a full Data Transformation toolkit
Codeless, drag-and-drop configuration
Make clean data available everywhere
Build workflows + do anything you need with your data
Scale with your data needs, simply

Validate, merge, normalise, transform + analyse all your data in real-time, simply.


Create a readily available, accurate + ready-to-analyse real-time single source of truth.

Rayven makes it easy to clean, combine, normalise, and analyse your data in real-time, making it accurate, complete + readily available for use within the platform (and beyond) during real-time analysis, custom rule/logic creation, machine learning + LLM training and analysis, AI applications... the list is endless.

How you transform your data in the Rayven platform: your data analysis, ETL + workflow tools.

Using our platform's Workflow Modeller you drag and drop different nodes onto the workbench to undertake any number of different functions, analysis, logic, control + more.

Using it, you can do anything and everything you need to do with your data in a flexible, modular way, meaning it fits any use case and can be easily scaled with growing data volumes.

Drag-and-drop: perform complex data manipulations, simply, using the Rayven platform's Workflow Modeller.

Nodes available for Transformation, Analysis + Load
within Rayven include:

  • Case Node: This node likely allows for conditional branching in the data flow, similar to a switch-case statement in programming. Depending on the data's attributes or values, it can route the data through different paths for distinct processing.
  • Combine Node: It merges data from multiple sources or streams, facilitating operations that require a unified view of data from diverse inputs, enhancing the platform's capability to handle complex data integration scenarios.
  • Extract Device IDs Node: This specialised node is tailored for scenarios where identifying and extracting device identifiers from the data stream is crucial, commonly used in IoT apps or when device-specific analytics are required.
  • Field Split Node: This node splits data fields based on specified criteria, such as delimiters, facilitating the extraction and individual processing of nested data elements within a larger dataset.
  • Filter Node: It enables data to be filtered based on defined criteria, ensuring that only relevant data points are passed down the workflow for further processing, enhancing efficiency and focus in data analysis.
  • Queue Node: This node manages data flow by queuing messages or data points, ensuring orderly processing and handling backpressure effectively, which is essential in maintaining performance in real-time systems.
  • Rule Builder Node: Allows users to define complex business logic and rules that can be applied to the data stream, providing a flexible way to implement custom data processing and decision-making logic without deep programming.
  • Aggregation Node: This node supports aggregating data over specified periods or conditions, enabling summarisation, trend analysis, and statistical computations, crucial for insights and decision-making.
  • Formula Node: Offers the ability to apply mathematical or logical formulas to data points, transforming data based on custom expressions, which is essential for calculated fields and derived metrics.
  • JavaScript Node: This powerful node allows for the execution of custom JavaScript code, providing limitless possibilities for data transformation, custom logic implementation, and integration with other systems or APIs.
  • Multifunctional Node: A versatile node that supports multiple functions or custom logic in a single node, allowing for complex data transformations and processes to be encapsulated neatly, enhancing workflow efficiency and readability.
  • Email: Email can be used for alerts, reports, and sharing data files (attachments) from Rayven to users or systems that accept email inputs.
  • SMS: Short Message Service (SMS) allows sending text messages to mobile devices. This method is used for immediate alerts, notifications, or sending concise data points from Rayven to users in scenarios where internet access might be limited or immediate attention is required.
  • API: Application Programming Interface (API) enables direct, programmatic interaction between Rayven and other software systems. APIs are used to send data securely and efficiently, triggering actions in other systems.
  • FTTPS: File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) is used for secure file transfer from Rayven to other systems, suitable for bulk data transfers that require encryption.
  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) can be used for sending data from Rayven to web servers or other platforms via API calls or webhooks, facilitating integration with web-based services, applications, and cloud-based systems.
  • Modbus: Modbus can be used to send data from Rayven to PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) or other industrial devices, enabling integration with industrial control systems and equipment for monitoring and control purposes.
  • MQTT: Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) MQTT is highly-suitable for use in IoT applications, allowing Rayven to efficiently send data to and from devices or other systems in a publish/subscribe model, ideal for real-time data communication in constrained environments.

Why Rayven makes real-time data transformation + analysis simple

Our platform makes complex data transformation and manipulation easy, empowering developers with a comprehensive, flexible toolkit for constructing and managing real-time data workflows. Our node-based approach streamlines development, fosters innovation, and supports scalable, efficient data processing within any use case solution.

Modular Design:

  • Rapid prototyping: The node-based architecture allows developers to quickly assemble and reconfigure data pipelines, facilitating rapid prototyping and iterative development processes.
  • Reusable components: Nodes can be reused across different workflows, promoting DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles and reducing development time.

Customisation + Flexibility:

  • Custom logic implementation: With nodes like the JavaScript Node, developers can inject custom scripts, allowing for bespoke transformations and integrations, catering to unique business requirements.
  • Adaptable to changing requirements: The variety of nodes provides the flexibility to adapt workflows as business needs evolve without extensive reworking.

Efficiency + Performance:

  • Real-time processing: Our focus on real-time data analysis ensures that developers can build systems capable of immediate insight generation and decision-making.
  • Streamlined data handling: Nodes designed for specific functions streamline data processing, reducing overhead and improving system performance.


  • Scalable workflows: The ability to easily add, remove, or modify nodes within a workflow allows developers to scale data processing pipelines with data volume growth or business needs.
  • Distributed processing: The platform's architecture is designed to support distributed data processing, enabling developers to build systems that can handle large-scale data workloads efficiently.

Ease-of-Use + Maintenance:

  • Intuitive interface: Our Workflow Modeller interface is designed to be intuitive, lowering the barrier to entry for developers and reducing the learning curve.
  • Simplified maintenance: The clear separation of logic and data transformation tasks into distinct nodes simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, as developers can isolate and address issues at the node-level.

Integration + Connectivity:

  • Wide range of nodes: With specialised nodes like the Extract Device IDs Node, developers can easily integrate with various data sources and IoT devices, enhancing connectivity and data collection capabilities.
  • API interactions: Custom logic nodes enable seamless interactions with external APIs, broadening the scope of data enrichment, and integration possibilities within workflows.

Get a complete data transformation toolkit.

Collate, standardise + analyse any data.

Transform + analyse data streams in real-time.

Share your complete, clean data sets, anywhere.

Every feature you need + others you’ll want tomorrow in one platform. 

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + delivering extreme capabilities; Rayven gives you an integration (iPaaS), ETL, Data, Workflow, Machine Learning, IoT, Analytics, AI + App Development platform in-one.

Pay only for what you do + get a platform that will grow with your business and needs - get started today, simply.


Explore some of our platform's other features:

Integration + Data Ingestion.

Rayven is ultra-interoperable middleware that's can connect to any device, database, system, SaaS, machine, third-party data feed - anything - both fast and simply.

It does this using a unique toolkit of scripts, integration nodes and out-of-the-box connectors that can connect at a deeper, protocol level. The result is you can ingest data in any format, structure, static or time-series, via file import, and more.


Data Management.

Rayven makes it easy to manage data streams - no matter their origin + format - and store your data securely to ensure it's accessible, anywhere.

With real-time tagging, labelling + monitoring; our easy-to-use, enterprise-level tools make sure that your data is ready for anything both within and outside the platform.

Custom Workflows.

Our Workflow Builder is the drag-and-drop interface that enables you to easily create rules, connect systems, trigger alerts, automate processes + much, much more.

Creating workflows is incredibly simple and consists of dragging onto the builder different types of 'nodes' and connecting them in different ways to deliver action based on your goals.


Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics.

Rayven makes it simple to incorporate Machine Learning and use it to deliver accurate forecast + optimise decision-making.

Simply create/import, test and train algorithms, then deploy the best one(s) into live, real-time via our Workflow Builder to deliver predictive insights to end-users, trigger automations + autonomously improve operational performance.

Generative AI

Our platform's inbuilt Generative AI capabilities enable you to use custom LLMs, build RAGs + make conversational analytics available for users to explore your real-time data and optimise operations, everywhere.

Develop models that are tailored for your businesses and its precise needs, put in place custom safeguards + limits, and make Generative AI available across your business, simply.  


Control + Automation.

Our platform enables you to orchestrate processes and execute commands within and outside the platform.

Rayven enables you to create rules, control machines + put in place sophisticated automations that put in place self-optimising operations based on real-time, real-world performance - all without writing a line of code.

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