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Pain-point 4:

Insights can't be shared with people + systems in real-time.

Don't just dashboard - push data + automate actions, anywhere.

Delivering insights from real-time data analysis needs to be about more than sending alerts and providing (yet another) dashboard for people to look at, otherwise you risk creating an additional silo containing your BI.

No, you need to offer the capability to share these insights via the systems and software that users are already using or, better still, create rules and workflows that take action based on real-time data analysis without human intervention.

Integrated data, AI + IoT platforms solve these challenges. With it extreme interoperability, custom workflow building, and automation capabilities; you can analyse all your data sources in real-time and share the insights with (or control) any of the systems and assets connected to it, simply.


Slow Operational Response: The inability to share real-time insights leads to slow responses to changes, affecting productivity and operational agility in fast-paced environments.

Data + Technology Growth has Stalled: Lack of real-time data sharing with humans and machines hinders effective data use and prevents businesses from automating/improving their technology architectures.

Underutilisation of Strategic Data: Failure to share intelligence in real-time results in missed opportunities for predictive analytics and proactive problem-solving, meaning production forecasts are inaccurate and you have higher variation in daily production outcomes.

How our integrated data, AI + IoT platform solves it.

The Rayven platform enables you to ETL and analyse data from anywhere, deliver easy-to-use real-time dashboards and reports, as well as excelling at custom workflow design and automation building - it even allows you to add AI-led decision-making, simply.

Integrate different
data sources:

Rayven can connect to anything using various methods (explore them all here), including:

  • TCP/IP
  • Gateways
  • APIs
  • Protocols + Standards
  • Cloud Integration
  • FTP
  • Custom Scripts.

Create custom
workflows + logic:

Our Workflow Builder, featuring a drag-and-drop interface, makes it possible to create rules, connect systems, and put in place sophisticated business processes without writing a line of code.

The codeless interface enables you to combine different data sources, perform complex calculations, add AI and automations to solutions, as well as create data visualizations, alerts, reports... the list is almost endless.

Create real-time dashboards with 40+ data visualizations:

Pre-built and highly-customisable via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can easily configure dashboards for those in the boardroom and in the field and make them available to individuals, groups or business-wide with simple user management.

Real-time alerts + reports, with complete accuracy - in one-click:

The reporting burden is very real for many industrial businesses and Rayven makes it possible to create complete performance reports through a click of a button or via regularly scheduled reports.

  • Schedule: select the date, time, and how you want reports sent
  • Data: select the amount of data the report will contain
  • Addresser: customise who the report comes from
  • Recipients: select which users will receive the report
  • Attachments: attach a CSV or TXT file that contains raw data
  • Widgets: add images of your widgets to reports
  • Email customisation: edit email sends.

Step 1: Data + Reporting Assessment

We work together to look at your current reports and reporting processes, as well as assess the data you have, where it is, refresh rate, and what new data you will need to evolve your reporting.

From there, we'll identify data holes or comms/integration problems, before working with you directly to fill them or bringing in a partner who, alongside our experts, can support you with IoT devices and gateways to collect in-field data and get it to the Rayven platform.


Step 2: Connect

Our platform has 20+ different connectors (nodes) that are easy to configure and enable you to connect data feeds and systems depending on just how you're getting the data to the system.

Connecting at a deeper, protocol-level than a simple plug-in, our platform's approach enables bidirectional data flow in the native protocol of each connected device in various formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, plain text, and more.

Step 3: Process, Normalise, Store + Access

Following ingestion, data undergoes processing which includes validation, normalisation, and potentially transformation, aligning it with a standardised format for analysis and storage.

The processed data is then stored in scalable and secure databases or data lakes, which is adaptable for cloud or on-premises setups.


Step 4a: Build Dashboards, Reports + Alerts

You can build custom, interactive dashboards for different users, giving them access to the platform's tools and data visualizations through any device, and enabling them to drilldown into data sets and sources, anywhere.

Equipped for complex data analytics, the platform enables functionalities like Big Data analysis using Machine Learning, predictive analytics, and Digital Twin modelling all through our dashboards.

You can also create standard, scheduled pdf reports that are automatically created and sent to selected users that display the data that you need.


Step 4b: Create Rules + Logic

Use some of our advanced rule nodes to create complex multi-step rules using a simple codeless interface. Use to add:

  • Create logic using IF, AND, OR, ELSE, ELSEIF, and THEN
  • Produce nested logic
  • Act on fields, including field modifiers [[varName(-1)]]
  • Lookup values from custom tables
  • Apply operators (=,<,>, ≤, ≥, ≠, between, and not between)
  • Output multiple variables
The node produces a sample JavaScript so that advanced users can verify the logic.

Step 5: Add Formulas + Machine Learning

The Formula node can be used to perform complicated calculations or to modify values. It can access values from previous JSONs and use them in calculations with the current JSON. On Rayven, you can pick from a wide range of ready-to-go formulas or create your own.

Machine learning includes three main steps:

  • Data Collection
  • Model Development and Testing
  • Model Deployment

Each step takes place within the platform's Machine Learning Workbench and is then added to the workflow.


Step 6: Push Data + Instructions

The wide verity of Output node enables you to push information from Rayven to other applications. It can send either specific fields or the entire JSON content to another system, or even create and push a CSV file.

You can also customise output data using columns, which adds a field to the data that is to be accessed via API to help it find the right data to act upon.

Skip the theory + speak to an expert.

Save time and chat directly with one of our experts to discover how integrated data, AI + IoT platforms can solve your pain-points.


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Rayven is ultra-interoperable middleware, as well as a complete toolkit for creating world-leading integration, real-time data + IoT solutions.

Our platform enables you to combine and analyse data from anywhere in real-time - no matter the format.

It comes with ready-to-go connectors for 20+ data protocols, complete data and industry 4.0 toolkits, as well as simple drag-and-drop interfaces for creating tailored data visualisations, building unique dashboards and applications that fit your business perfectly, and creating custom workflows, automations, and machine learning algorithms.

Explore (just some) of our prebuilt connectors:

Our platform is all-in-one, performing the role of multiple technologies + uniting your entire industrial technology ecosystem: save time, money + effort.


Create integration, real-time data + IoT solutions that improve your business.

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