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Pain-point 2:

Legacy systems are hard to integrate. 

Integrate everything you have to create a real-time whole.

It's a Catch-22: legacy systems hold businesses back from achieving the optimisations possible with new technologies, but they're often vital, expensive to replace, and contain critical data and functions essential to operations.

Many technology companies promising 'transformation' forget this and the real challenge lies in bringing these dated infrastructures into the modern era without creating risk.

IoT technologies and integrated data, AI + IoT platforms solve this, breathing new life into legacy systems and turning them into dynamic components of an Open Industrial Technology Ecosystem.


Integration/Interoperability Difficulties: Many legacy systems were not designed to communicate with other technologies, making data sharing and system coordination a complex task.

Data Accessibility Issues: Retrieving and utilising data (ETL and data analysis) from these systems can be a laborious process, often requiring manual intervention and leading to delays in decision-making.

Maintenance + Security Risks: Older systems can be expensive to maintain and may not meet current security standards, posing risks to business operations.

How our integrated data, AI + IoT platform solves it.

The Rayven platform can integrate with anything that’s connected to a network and can connect with locked or inaccessible systems by developing custom scripts or software solutions.

How we integrate different data sources:

Hardware with TCP/IP Capabilities: Devices and machines equipped with TCP/IP can easily connect to the  platform over the internet.

Gateways: IoT gateways can seamlessly integrate with our platform, aggregating data from multiple sources and sending it to the cloud for analysis.

Systems with APIs: The Rayven platform can connect with any system that offers an API, allowing for the exchange of data between different software applications and hardware devices.

Support for Various Protocols + Standards: The platform supports a variety of communication protocols and standards beyond TCP/IP, such as MQTT, AMQP, Modbus, and SNMP. This broad support ensures compatibility with a wide range of industrial devices and systems.

Cloud Integration: Integration with cloud services (like AWS S3 and AWS Kinesis) enables the Rayven platform to handle large-scale data storage and processing.

Custom Scripts: For systems that are locked or have unique comms needs, we allow you to develop and deploy custom scripts. This enables us to integrate:

  • Proprietary or Closed Systems
  • Legacy Systems
  • Complex Integration Requirements

This custom scripting ability also enables us to:

  • Add Enhanced Functionality: Custom scripts can also be used to add or enhance functionalities in existing systems, thereby extending their capabilities and lifespan in the context of modern IoT applications.
  • Overcome Security or Protocol Barriers: Some systems have strict security protocols or use uncommon communication standards. Custom scripting allows us to safely and effectively integrate with these systems without compromising operational integrity or security.

Advanced Features:

Data Security + Compliance

The platform emphasises robust protocols for securing data in transit and at rest, along with stringent device authentication, authorisation, and encryption.

Scalability +

The platform is designed to scale, accommodating an increasing number of devices and data streams, which is essential for growing industrial operations or roll-out at multiple sites.

Data Collation +

Following ingestion into the platform, data can be validated, normalised, and potentially transformed. This standardises formats so it can be stored and analysed alongside other data sets.


In scenarios where direct connectivity is not feasible, the platform accommodates data acquisition via FTP, allowing manual uploads of data files and expanding its adaptability.

Step 1: Data Assessment

We work together to look at the data you have, where it is, what new data you need, the format it's all in, how often it's refreshed, your networks - and a lot more.

If you have data holes, need new hardware, or need networking and comms support; we can bring in one of our partners who, alongside our experts, can not only supply you with IoT devices and gateways, but guide you on how to collect in-field data and get it to the Rayven platform.

We will also work with you to identify how we can extract data from legacy business systems at a protocol-level and communicate it to the Rayven platform using custom scripts.


Step 2: Connect

Our platform has 20+ different connectors (nodes) that are easy to configure and enable you to connect data feeds and systems depending on just how you're getting the data to the system.

Connecting at a deeper, protocol-level than a simple plug-in, our platform's approach enables bidirectional data flow in the native protocol of each connected device in various formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, plain text, and more.

Step 3: Device Management

Just as important as deploying the devices is managing them over the long-term to ensure consistent, accurate data flows.

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform enables you to remotely monitor and manage them across all of your facilities and sites, including the security layer that sits above all of them, and allows you to undertake firmware updates and manage their individual settings.

The Rayven platform enables you to bulk upload millions of devices, group them, create hierarchy structures, create customised health management interfaces displaying connectivity, battery-status, location and much more. What's more, we make it easy to create alerts and send notifications to make you aware of issues with devices, but the assets that they're monitoring, too.


Skip the theory + speak to an expert.

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Rayven is ultra-interoperable middleware, as well as a complete toolkit for creating world-leading integration, real-time data + IoT solutions.

Our platform enables you to combine and analyse data from anywhere in real-time - no matter the format.

It comes with ready-to-go connectors for 20+ data protocols, complete data and industry 4.0 toolkits, as well as simple drag-and-drop interfaces for creating tailored data visualisations, building unique dashboards and applications that fit your business perfectly, and creating custom workflows, automations, and machine learning algorithms.

Explore (just some) of our prebuilt connectors:

Our platform is all-in-one, performing the role of multiple technologies + uniting your entire industrial technology ecosystem: save time, money + effort.


Create integration, real-time data + IoT solutions that improve your business.

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