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IoT platform dashboards + reports: explore, analyse + know in real-time.

Get the real-time insights you need, where and when you need them to make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data.

Dynamix enables you to create the dashboards needed to give real-time transparency + make improving operational and strategic performance simple.

Rayven's industrial data, AI + IoT platform, Dynamix, makes it possible to create real-time dashboards and report on business objectives at the click of the button.

Utilize complete, real-time data sets and leverage predictive insights to get insights and instant reporting capabilities both in the boardroom and in the field. Accessible from anywhere on any device, Dynamix's dashboards and reports capabilities can give you everything you need to optimize and improve business performance, simply.

Visualize, explore + report on your performance data simply:

Pre-built + out-of-the-box

Our solutions come with a host of widgets + charts that are ready-to-use and fully interactive.

Drag-and-drop customisation

Your dashboards can be configured to meet individual needs using an easy-to-use interface.


With accurate data from any source in one pane, you can drill into your data, change parameters + explore forecasts.


Our dashboards + reports are mobile-optimised, so you can get the insights you need on any device.

Historical, real-time + predictive

Display all of the key metrics across functions, sites or regions in one place.

One-click reporting

Effortlessly report on sustainability frameworks and business objectives.

Discover what we can enable you to achieve, simply, with no coding, just drag-and-drop. Book a demo today.


Make better decisions in real-time with up-to-date, accurate dashboards made up of 40+ data visualizations.

Data visualizations have the capability to simplify complex facts and figures, transforming raw data into actionable business insights. Dynamix's dashboard and reporting capabilities provide a flexible and powerful way to display information relevant to your specific business needs.

Pre-built and highly customizable via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can easily configure dashboards for those in the boardroom and in the field and make them available to individuals, groups or business-wide with simple user management.

A single dashboard can display information from many sources and be presented using a wide range of widgets to give you both the micro and macro view in a single pane that you can then drill-down into and explore.

Alphanumeric widgets available:
  • Value: alphanumeric value display
  • Multi-value: multiple alphanumeric values displayed in one widget
  • Alert: conditional display of alphanumeric
    message and coloured background
  • Monitor: alphanumeric value display with range-dependant colour coding
  • Gauge: gauge display with range-dependant colour coding
  • Percentage: bar or column display with range-dependant colour coding
  • Level: display a tank icon with actual and percent fill with range-dependant colour coding
  • Tabular data: tabular display of multiple fields showing most recent instances only
  • Raw data: tabular display of multiple fields showing full history.
Charts widgets available:
  • Pie: showing proportions by device or by field
  • Line: time series line chart with or without comparison and target lines
  • Bar: time series bar chart with or without comparison and target lines
  • Pareto: configurable for frequency or sum of events
  • Cartesian: dot plot with configurable quadrants
  • Multi-axis: showing multiple variables as lines and or columns
  • Forecasting: line chart with forecasting models and projected results
  • Control: I-MR control chart with Nelson Rules
  • Polar: display the distribution of vector over a period of time
  • Category bar: configure and display data using fixed categories on the x-axis.
Object widgets available:
  • Map: with configurable highlighting, geofencing, tracking, proximity and drill down
  • Images: display a static image
  • Live video stream: display a live video stream.

Real-time alerts + reports, with complete accuracy - in one-click.


The reporting burden is very real for many industrial businesses; from compliance and ESG, to the key everyday metrics and long-term business performance measures, simply keeping track of outcomes is labor-intensive.

Rayven Dynamix makes it possible to create complete performance reports at-will via through a click of a button or via regularly scheduled reports distributed through email.

Dynamix, and the IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 application built on it, can decimate the reporting burden and makes proving compliance simple.

Report regularly, automatically:
  • Schedule: select the date, time, and how you want reports sent
  • Data: select the amount of data the report will contain
  • Addresser: customize who the report comes from
  • Recipients: select which users will receive the report
  • Attachments: attach a CSV or TXT file that contains raw data
  • Widgets: add images of your widgets to reports
  • Email customization: edit email sends.

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With 40+ custom, industry-specific real-time visualizations covering everything from wind rows + weather forecasting, to pareto and simple bar charts.


Real-time asset + people tracking, to geo-fencing
+ proximity breaching and alerting.


Production forecasting, line performance + traffic lighting in tables.


Classification + service issues in a cartesian graph, change status and trigger devices from a table drop down menu.


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