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Retail Industry.

Increase revenue, improve customer experience + seize operational efficiencies, simply.

Seamlessly integrate and analyse data in real-time, leverage custom AI across your stack, streamline operations + build custom applications quickly to deliver scalable, future-proofed business growth.

Join the organisations around the world already achieving more with Rayven:


Create a real-time single source of truth, rapidly build applications + use AI across your stack, simply.

Rayven helps retailers to maximise their revenue, improve customer experiences + deliver advanced real-time and predictive analytics that transform decision-making, helping you to get and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Using our platforms advanced integration, data management, app building, and real-time AI capabilities; Rayven enables you to defeat data silos and system fragmentation, deliver real-time insights to those that need them, improve inventory and asset management, enhance efficiency, and a lot more.

Retail applications powered by Rayven, include:

POS Integrator + Insights.

Rayven can seamlessly connect your Point of Sale (POS) systems to the cloud, enabling real-time data analytics and centralised data management. Use it to track sales in real-time across all locations, gain valuable customer insights for personalised marketing, and streamline operations with automated reporting and inventory adjustments based on sales data. Enhance decision-making, improve CX + boost operational efficiency.

Inventory Optimisation.

Use Rayven to deliver real-time inventory tracking and management that's precise and up-to-date. Benefits include automated alerts for low inventory levels and predictive analytics to forecast demand, real-time updates to reduce human errors, and optimised stock levels to cut carrying costs and improve cash flow. Achieve reduced stockouts and overstocks, enhanced accuracy + deliver significant cost savings.

Back Office Data Integration.

Unify back-office functions, including accounting, HR, and supply chain management, into a single data platform. Easily merge the data with store, market or third party data feeds to deliver complete metrics. This integration enhances data management, enables you to automate processes, improves data accuracy + delivers greater  operational efficiency.

Store Energy, HVAC + Lighting Optimisation.

Combine Rayven with energy, HVAC + lighting management to optimise store operations and improve the retail environment. Monitor and manage HVAC systems with real-time data on temperature, humidity, and air quality, while intelligent lighting controls adjust based on occupancy and natural light. Understand energy use, spot patterns, and find efficiencies. Enhance comfort, implement predictive maintenance + save money.

People Counting + Financial Analysis.

Use Rayven to count and analyse foot traffic in retail spaces, integrating the data with other systems (such as POS and financials) to provide comprehensive insights. Benefits include optimised staffing to match peak traffic times, gaining marketing insights to improve strategies + better measure the impact of promotions and store environment. Enhance customer service, boost marketing effectiveness + refine performance metrics.

Customer Experience Enhancement.

Create a real-time, unified view of each customer accessible by any integrated system, revolutionising in-store and online experiences. Utilise AI to analyse spending patterns and deliver personalised offers and incentives without impacting profit margins. Enhance customer retention and boost share of wallet through data-driven strategies. Rayven can transform customer interactions, optimise sales + elevate overall satisfaction.

IMPORTANT: This isn't all Rayven's retail uses.

Rayven is unrivalled at integrating data sources, analysing them in real-time, building custom workflows + automations, applying AI, building custom interfaces, and more.

If there's metric and data holes you need filling, you want to build a custom app, or would like to leverage AI across your existing technologies: speak to us.

We can help you to build the solution you need, end-to-end, both fast and affordably.

Rayven gives retailers everything they need to improve:


Centralise + manage all your data.

Rayven can extract your data from any software (POS, inventory, finance, WMA, SCM, CRM, ERP, etc.), database, hardware, device - anything - to create a unified data platform with streamlined, bidirectional access to any connected system.


Deliver real-time analytics + predictive insights.

Use real-time data and predictive analytics on collated, complete data sets. Get immediate insights into inventory, warehouse, supply chain + customer behaviour via custom interfaces that improve decision-making.


Simplify reporting +

Automate the generation of reports from any connected data feeds, systems or device; reducing manual effort + minimising errors. Ensure compliance with sustainability, ESG + other regulations through accurate and timely reporting.


Add Machine Learning + Generative AI everywhere.

Use the inbuilt toolkit to create, train + apply custom algorithms to your real-time data. Use it to generate predictive insights, analyse trends, offer personalised recommendations, optimise pricing strategies + improve engagement.


Build custom real-time applications.

Quickly + simply build custom applications that leverage all your real-time data + the platform's AI, automation, data visualization, alert, and reporting capabilities. Create apps for anything - see below!


Give better customer experiences.

Create a real-time, unified view of the customer and use AI and predictive analytics to analyse and anticipate needs, empowering you to create apps, deliver insights to employees, or better leverage existing channels to deliver greater spend.

Ready to explore all of our platform's easy-to-use, future-ready features?

Rayven Brochure Mar-23 - 400

Rayven integrates with any data source, device, system or asset, guaranteed:


Rayven has everything you need to create custom applications that scale infinitely, end-to-end. 

Every business and individual operation is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach with new technologies is problematic.

Rayven is future-proof SaaS technology that gives you an all-in-one toolkit to create custom integrations and applications that fit businesses, perfectly. Full of all the features you need today and others you'll want tomorrow, use it to deploy and grow the solutions you need in weeks, fast and affordably.


How is Rayven configured? Drag-and-drop.

Rayven is low-code, making it easy to configure real-time data and AI applications using our Workflow Builder. Use it to integrate data sources, easily create rules, connect systems, trigger alerts, automate processes, push data externally, deploy machine learning + much more.

Creating workflows is simple and consists of dragging onto the builder different types of 'nodes' and connecting them in different ways to deliver action based on your goals.

Unleash the power of customised Generative AI + Machine Learning across your connected systems.

Rayven comes with prebuilt modules that enable you to leverage the power of Machine Learning and Generative AI to deliver predictive and conversational analytics in real-time.

Our platform makes it easy to create (or upload) algorithms, train, test, and deploy AI models that give your end users all-new tools that they can use in the moment to explore predicted outcomes, ask for optimisations, and then action improvements, simply.

Fast Start Services Brochure Q3-23 FRONT HORIZONTAL MAX

Want help to build, deploy + run? We've got you covered with Fast Start.

Our Fast Start services can get you up + running in weeks.
Based on years of experience delivering successful solutions in many industrial sectors and businesses around the world, we offer a three-step programme that takes you from scoping to delivery and beyond.

Each section is standalone and can be completed when business requirements evolve, working to your timelines and budgets.

Worried it's expensive? Rayven is affordable-for-all - even at-scale.

We believe that custom real-time data + AI applications should be available to every business - and we're working hard to make it happen.

With deployment options and plans to fit all businesses and needs, Rayven gives you the option to build, develop, deploy, scale, and improve your applications in your own time - proving an ROI at every stage and transforming your business incrementally to limit risk.


Every feature you need + others you’ll want in one platform. 

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + delivering extreme capabilities; our integrated data, AI + IoT platform gives you everything you need to build brilliant applications, simply.


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Rayven Brochure Mar-23 - 400

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