IoT services optimized to deliver brilliant business outcomes.

IoT services optimized to deliver brilliant business outcomes.

IoT is an inter-disciplinary field combining hardware, communications, software, data science, machine learning and business process engineering; there’s a lot of complex things to get right! Rayven has a battle-hardened delivery process, featuring a range of six IoT services tailorable to your needs, all of which will ensure your project’s success.

Rayven's IoT services guarantee project success

Project after project, we have iterated our delivery methodology to be robust and reliable, ensuring the technical implementation supports your business outcomes.

1 - IoT Solution Design

Project delivery starts with a robust and realistic IoT solution design. We always start with the end, your business and your goals in mind.

2 - IoT Data Integrity

Data is at the heart of all IoT projects. It is imperative to establish reliable, accurate and secure sources of data.

3 - IoT Implementation

The solution implementation phase is where the biggest costs are in an IoT project. It’s key to be deliberate and efficient with the IoT services you use.

4 - IoT Data Science

Understanding the data and the value that can be derived from it is determined by combining best practice industry knowledge with data science experts. That’s why we offer data science consulting as a key IoT service.

5 - IoT Quality Assurance

Your IoT solution is only as reliable as the quality assurance processes you deploy. Rayven projects use an extremely thorough “continuous QA” approach.

6 - IoT Project Management

IoT projects involve coordinating a lot of different people and disciplines, almost by definition. Our IoT services ensure we keep track of all the moving parts.

IoT Service 1: IoT Solution Design

Designing an IoT solution requires more than just technology. At Rayven, our IoT services always start with the business outcomes, then reverse engineer the solution design from there. Once the business goals are established, we consider how those metrics will be used on a day-to-day basis to inform better decision-making at the operational level. The data and technology follow the key metrics, and then finally we present the IoT architecture, including application mock-ups, leaving no ambiguity about what the end IoT solution will include.

IoT Service 1: IoT Solution Design

IoT Service 2: IoT Data Integrity

If there’s one critical aspect to every IoT project, it’s data integrity. You can’t make business decision without complete confidence that the data you are looking at is 100% complete and accurate. Rayven has developed proprietary processes delivered through our IoT services that can quickly identify and rectify data quality issues, meaning that your IoT solution is built on a solid data foundation.


Through our IoT services, we will ensure that there are no gaps in the data being received by your platform.


Data needs to be validated for accuracy at many steps in the production workflows to ensure correctness – something we will make sure happens.


Data changes more than you might expect, so we’ll ensure that all your data fields and structures are catered for.


We will establishing a reliable steady stream of data is flowing through your IoT solution so that it’s delivering reliable results.


Data frequency differs from project to project, so we’ll fine tune data rates to balance real-time demands with storage and processing loads.


Correcting missing or invalid data can be an unexpected challenge for IoT platforms and it’s critical to be able to detect and correct data issues – something ours has built-in to it.

IoT Service 3: IoT Implementation

Rayven has developed a 10-step implementation process for IoT projects. Our IoT service brings the most challenging aspects of IoT delivery to the forefront so any potential roadblocks are dealt with early on. This allows for a much smoother and more predictable delivery experience. Our Solution Engineers are highly-trained experts, intimately familiar with IoT delivery, real-time data, 3rd party integrations, workflow programming and, of course, Rayven’s technology and IoT platform.

IoT Service 3: IoT Implementation

IoT Service 4: IoT Data Science

Rayven’s industrial data science team lives and breaths data and the value it can bring to your business. IoT is not about collecting LOTS of data, it is about collecting the RIGHT data and doing smart things with that data. Our experts guide you through this process to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution. Visit the IoT Industrial Data Science page.

Ingestion and processing

Once data is flowing into your IoT platform, it’s a matter of decoding, combining, transforming, filtering, calculating and more – Rayven will do it all for you.

Data integrity

Any data that flows into an IoT data platform must be checked for completeness, stability, consistency, reliability and more.

Industrial intelligence

Data context is a critical piece of getting value out of your data. Understanding industrial data and what it means to your business is key.

Machine learning

The power of machine learning is well understood, but the value to YOUR business depends on many factors. We can train algorithms specifically for your use case.


Visualizing data is an expected part of any IoT solution – but it’s important to visualize data in the right way depending on the context and use of that data.

Business value

Presenting the right data, to the right user and at the right time, AS WELL AS in the right format, is central to ensuring your IoT solution meets your business goals.

IoT Service 5: IoT Quality Assurance

Given the potential complexity of IoT solutions there is a lot that can go wrong. That’s why we’ve created a thorough QA process as part of our IoT services that targets the most likely parts of an IoT solution that could cause difficulties. We understand data integrity and accuracy, business and alerts logic, and the value of getting it right! We will work with you to continuously check that your IoT solution is meeting your needs and expectations, as well as adhering to scope, so that you can be assured that you get what you pay for. IoT projects are necessarily dynamic and iterative. The more you learn about your business and it’s data, the more you want to see. Our IoT services cater for this and allow you to iterate your solution to perfection.

IoT Service 5: IoT Quality Assurance

IoT Service 6: IoT Project Management

Great project management means much more than keeping the project to time, budget, and scope; it is about collaboration, resourcefulness and problem solving to deliver successful outcomes and a real return on investment. Rayven provides IoT project management because we know you need a central point of coordination across the many moving parts that go in to any IoT solution, and can safely guide you there from beginning to end.

Strategic alignment

We’re experts at IoT project management because it ensures what is being delivered, is right, and will deliver against the business requirements.

Communication & language

We’ll keep stakeholders informed from outset to completion. The things that IoT projects tackle are often complex, so we’ll communicate regularly and in simple language to keep everyone informed.

Clear focus & objectives

We can help make sure that the right people are working on the right things. This extends beyond our own staff to include partner and customer resources as needed.

Realistic project planning

Half the challenge of IoT is aligning expectations with reality. IoT is such a broad capability toolkit, we will ensure realistic goals are established (and met).


We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and communication. We are proactive in our approach and transparent in the way we deliver your IoT solution.

Subject-matter expertise

Our project managers are engineers! They understand the challenge, IoT technology and resources available to make sure that the right outcomes are delivered.

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“Rayven is a key partner for us. Their platform allows us to deliver a remarkable number of different energy and IoT solutions that have transformed our customers’ businesses for the better and, on the project delivery side, they are very reliable and extremely responsive.”

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Gavin Dietz
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“The Rayven IoT platform offers flexibility, interoperability, and a breadth of features. The team’s approach to data science and project delivery means what they bring to the table is much more than your average platform provider.”

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Rayven's IoT services ensure your IoT project's success. From design to project management and data science - we've got you covered.

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