Wattwatchers is a digital energy technology company enabling fast, powerful, scalable solutions to monitor, analyze and control electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud.

The Wattwatchers Auditor range of Energy IoT devices is the proven hardware foundation of our company, with 30,000+ units in the field, deployed across residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases.

By far the most popular choice in the range is the Auditor 6M:

  • It’s cellular (3G/4G), with up to 6 channels of real-time, circuit-level monitoring
  • You can pair the 6M with any of our current transformer (CT) clamp choices – 60 amp (standard for residential), or 120, 200, 400, 600 amps for commercial/industrial use cases*
  • Options are available to add ModBus RTU (for third-party hardware integrations) or switching (up to 3 loads) to the 6M

We also have a WiFi-communicating device, the Auditor 6W, which pairs with all of the CT clamp sizes and has a switching option.

Wattwatchers ADEPT is for anyone who operates or maintains a distributed fleet of energy intensive assets, across generation, storage and consumption. The use case can be solar PV, packaged air-conditioning systems, power factor correction, air compression, electric boilers, refrigeration units, pumps, motors and transformers – anything where electricity is essential and multiple distributed assets are involved.

As a potential ADEPT customer, you could be an equipment manufacturer, a specialist in mechanical or electrical services, a solar installer, a utility (energy retailer, energy network business, telco, water company), community organisation, service business or financier investing in energy assets.

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