We solve industry-specific problems by combining powerful IoT technology, data science and subject matter expertise.

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Our Vision

We help digitally transform industrial companies, enabling them to turn their data into meaningful business outcomes.

Our code-less, visual drag & drop end-to-end industrial IoT platform combines device management, real-time data streaming, machine learning and data visualizations, all in one system. Rayven gives non-technical users a drag-and-drop interface for designing and deploying highly customized IoT solutions quickly and affordably. The solution is device and system agnostic meaning users can ingest, combine, transform, and display data for a wide array of use cases and solutions.

Our team are spread around the world. They  live and breath IoT and AI solution development, from device hardware connectivity, security to data science.
By harnessing the power of data we support the companies of tomorrow to turn into a data driven digital organization.

Our Industrial Expertise

Data is the life blood of Industry 4.0 so people who work with it, who understand it, who know how to glean intelligence from it will be highly prized. The IoT deployments fuelling Industry 4.0 will generate vast quantities of data. All of that data will need to be captured and analyzed so it can be used to improve machine performance, reduce resource consumption, assist in quality control, make supply chains more efficient and introduce new products and services. Then there is the continued improvement of production lines as more capable machines are added and networked.

Backed by AI & Data science

Not many companies have the in house capability and tools to rapidly design and deploy a cost-effective end-to-end IoT solution.

As part of our end to end solution we provide strategic guidance together with our IoT hardware and communication expert partners to ensure our clients are designing a future proof solution.

Next Generation IoT Technology

Rayven developed a end to end visual IOT application builder cloud solution. This solution enables companies to rapidly design and deploy powerful IOT applications in the cloud, saving them tremendous amount of time, engineering costs and funding while providing a end-to-end software solution as a competitive advantage. By simplifying the core elements of connectivity, security, data storage, Data science , system integration, device hardware and application development, we believe we can enable any one, big and small, to be part of this new Industrial Revolution.

Harness the value of your data, and transform it into actionable insights and immediate business outcomes

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