We solve industry-specific problems by combining powerful IoT technology, data science and subject matter expertise.

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By simplifying the core elements of connectivity, security, data storage, Data science , system integration, device hardware and application development, we believe we can enable any one, big and small, to be part of this new Industrial Revolution.

The Need

Businesses are experiencing a burning need to to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Building and supporting the technology stack for IOT solutions needs substantial investment and a range of new skills such as software development, systems engineering, data analytics, and online security expertise that are rarely found in most hardware companies, manufacturing companies, businesses and IOT startups.

The Solution

Rayven developed a end to end visual IOT application builder cloud solution. This solution enables companies to rapidly design and deploy powerful IOT applications in the cloud, saving them tremendous amount of time, engineering costs and funding while providing a end-to-end software solution as a competitive advantage.

A few of our partners

Benefit from our ecosystem of leading device manufactures, application developers, system integrators, IoT experts and value added partners

Our Agile approach

Our codeless, visual drag & drop tools make it easier to rapidly design, connect and deploy enterprise level IoT solutions.

Identify business goals

The Internet of Things can mean many things for different businesses. We make sure IoT + Data science is used correctly to meet your business goals, from  Decreasing costs, by improving and automating processes to utilizing data science to make better business decisions.

Rapid Prototyping

Our visual IOT application builder enables you to rapidly design, connect and deploy powerful IOT applications without writing a line of code, saving you a tremendous amount of time and costs to go to market. Be able to make rapid changes on the fly, as the data flows in.

Data Simulation

Our Simulation tool enables you to understand a system’s behaviour without actually testing the system in the real world. Useful insights about different decisions in this phase saves a huge amount of time, and eliminates the risk of mistakes in the real world

Data science

Developing insight into real time IOT data can be difficult. To solve this challenge, we apply machine learning algorithms  to “learn” information directly from data without assuming a predetermined equation as a model.

Rapid continuous improvements

Adaptively improve the performance as you increase the number of samples available for learning. Adjust your Iot solution based on data from both machines and people, using our drag and drop tools.  Rapid continues improvement without writing a line of code.

Better Business Outcomes

The ability for businesses to stay agile to adapt will help in generating more revenue streams but also assisting in the agile development of new solutions and products with business and societal benefit

IoT platform + data science as a service

Not many companies have the in house capability and tools to rapidly design and deploy a cost-effective end-to-end IoT solution.

As part of our end to end solution we provide strategic guidance together with our IoT hardware and communication expert partners to ensure our clients are designing a future proof solution.

  • Business and operational strategy

  • Support from concept to implementation

  • Ongoing management and support

  • Monitoring, analysis and optimization

Let’s  start answering the most critical questions across your business

Harness the value of your data, and transform it into actionable insights and immediate business outcomes

Contact Us

Have a questions? We are here to help.

What will I see in the demo?

Our IoT cunsultant will demo and explain using real-time data, how our end to end drag and drop software solution can be easily use by you to cater for your specific industry and business need no matter what hardware or protocol you will be using.

How technical do I need to be?

Rayven was design from the ground up to be extremely powerful and friendly for non technical people. With Rayven you don’t need to be technical at all to be able to design and deploy your IoT solution. Our IoT consultant are also here to support and help you throughout the process.

How much does it cost?

The pricing model depends on size of project, industry and amount assets to be monitored and device installed. We support multi-vendor gateways and can work with both new legacy devices and hardware. Contact us for more details