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AWS IoT Core alternative: move to Rayven

Rayven, 30 March 2023

As AWS IoT Core continues to grow and evolve, many businesses are looking to migrate to new platforms that better suit their needs.

Rayven is one such IoT platform that offers a range of advanced features and benefits for IoT users, making it an attractive option for those seeking to move away from AWS IoT Core.

Here are some of the reasons why AWS IoT Core users should consider making the switch to Rayven's integrated data, AI + IoT platform:

    • Upgraded tools - Rayven comes fully-featured, making it a complete platform that offers not just IoT features, but those also found in data platforms and AI platforms. Think advanced visualizations, machine learning, and ETL data capabilities all included in the (cheaper) price.
    • Customisable IoT solutions - One of the key benefits of Rayven is its highly-customisable approach to IoT solutions. Unlike many other platforms that offer limited customisation options, Rayven provides businesses with the ability to tailor their IoT solutions to their unique needs. With a range of drag-and-drop widgets, users can easily build complex workflows and visualizations that can be customised to suit specific business requirements. This flexibility can help businesses to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase overall productivity.
    • Predictive analytics and machine learning included - Rayven also offers advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities that can help businesses to gain deeper insights into their real-time IoT data. Users can perform complex data analysis in the platform and build predictive models that can be used to drive business outcomes. This can help businesses to identify new opportunities, improve customer engagement, and streamline operations.
    • Comprehensive security and compliance - Another key benefit of Rayven is its comprehensive security and compliance features. With built-in encryption, authentication, and access controls, businesses can be confident that their data is secure and protected against cyber threats. Additionally, Rayven is compliant with a range of industry standards and regulations, helping businesses to ensure that they are meeting regulatory requirements and avoiding potential fines and penalties.
    • Seamless integration with existing systems - Rayven also offers seamless integration with existing systems, making it easy for businesses to transition from AWS IoT Core. With support for a range of protocols and APIs, users can easily connect their existing devices and systems to the platform and start collecting and analysing data. Additionally, Rayven can be integrated with a range of third-party tools and applications, making it a highly versatile platform that can be tailored to suit specific business needs.
    • Cost-effective - Rayven has flexible pricing options and no hidden fees or charges, meaning businesses can benefit from a highly customisable platform that offers advanced features and benefits without breaking the bank. Additionally, Rayven offers a range of support options and resources, including a dedicated customer success team and extensive documentation, making it easy for businesses to get started and achieve their IoT goals.
    • Flexible + scalable - One of the main advantages of Rayven is its flexibility and scalability. The platform can be easily customised to meet the specific needs of individual businesses, with a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Rayven can handle large volumes of data, making it ideal for businesses looking to scale up their IoT operations.
    • Excellent support + customer service - Rayven offers excellent support and customer service to its users. The platform's team of experts is available to help users with any questions or issues they may have 24/7 and is included in your licensing costs as-standard. We also offer free access to our Rayven Knowledge Base.

In conclusion, AWS IoT Core users are often looking to move to a more user-friendly and complete platform, where capabilities and costs are known upfront, and where personal support and services can be accessed simply.

Rayven's highly-customisable, secure, and cost-effective integrated data, AI + IoT platform offers a range of advanced features and benefits for businesses. With its seamless integration capabilities, advanced analytics and machine learning, and comprehensive security and compliance features, Rayven is an attractive option for businesses looking to migrate from AWS IoT Core.

If you’re looking for a new platform that offers greater flexibility, scalability, and customisation options, speak to us today to find out more about the benefits of moving to Rayven.


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