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MyTown Microgrid Project, Heyfield

Rory McNeil, 10 September 2021

ADEPT, an end-to-end energy monitoring and management solution developed by Rayven with our partner Wattwatchers, is anchoring a new community dashboard model being developed for an innovative local microgrid feasibility study that’s currently underway in rural Victoria, Australia.

The historic timber town of Heyfield, population 2000, is exploring whether it can move some or all of its electricity system into a community microgrid with the goal of operating semi- or even fully independently of the main energy network. The study is also considering other potential community energy solutions, such as local trading and virtual power plants (VPPs).

To support the engineering and financial modelling of the study, as well as to engage local stakeholders, Heyfield is being wired-up with Wattwatchers energy IoT monitoring and control devices at over 100 sites, including homes, farms, businesses and schools. The real-time energy usage and generation data provided by them will then fed into the ADEPT platform via its numerous integrations for verification and aggregation, before being made accessible and explorable by the project team to assess success.

As the ADEPT model develops further, it will incorporate other datasets and provide detailed profiles of participating sites, (especially households), including weather and solar irradiance information, as well as grid-level data.

In addition to helping researchers explore the town’s energy future, the project’s use of ADEPT will feed into another key outcome from the three-year project: a decision-making guide and tool-set to help other communities around Victoria, throughout Australia, and even internationally to shortcut the process of developing their own local energy solutions.

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