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COVID-19: Hospital Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution: enabling hospital's to track and monitor critical ventilator assets remotely.

The problem

Lifesaving hospital assets, like ventilators and infusion pumps, must be mobile – but that mobility also means that devices can be difficult to find and then monitor when you need them.

This is a problem that has only been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, when the difference between good and poor asset tracking and management of particular assets in hospitals has truly become a matter of life and death.

Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution to deliver real-time ventilator monitoring.

The solution

We designed our Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution, built on our world-leading Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform, to help our client obtain real-time visibility of ventilator location and utilization.

Defining what data to collect is critical
We began by identifying the data needed to deliver the necessary the goals. For this, it would include:

  1. Ventilators’ status and location
  2. Bed locations and status
  3. Schedule information

Initial goals of the solution
The first step was to connect the ventilators, collect data in a consistent and reliable manner, and then ensure the data’s ongoing quality and integrity. This would enable us to to provide the following features in our Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution:

  1. Monitoring of critical operational data received from the equipment via a web-based system
  2. Device management monitoring
  3. The ability to define the logic for the application in order to meet the desired objectives
  4. Provide alarm and alert notifications via email or SMS messages
  5. Start collecting historical data to enable utilization forecasting
  6. Provide the right dashboards to the right users with the right insights
  7. The ability to properly test the application, making sure all of the above goals are met, based on the below solution architecture.

COVID-19: Hospital Asset Tracking & Monitoring – Rayven


Before go-live, we tested four critical aspects of the Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution:

The Rayven data, AI + IoT platform is built with security as a top priority and our proprietary security architecture ensures that data is secure at all points of the environment.

The solution includes data encryption in transit from device-to-cloud, as well as device authentication; security (Bearer) tokens; SSL, AES and RSA encryption; as well as additional device security checks done via automated polling.

Once securely connected, the ventilators send their usage data via a 4G gateway to the Rayven data, AI + IoT platform. With bed and ventilator location data, this is collected through Bluetooth beacons, which then forward that data onto the 4G gateway and into the system.

Data integrity
It is critical to ensure that the data collected is reliable. Initially the beds and ventilators were moved around the hospital to confirm that their location and telemetry was the same as that presented on the Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution dashboard. Once this was tested and confirmed, we started working on building the business logic.

Industrial data science
The objective of the exploratory data analysis was to identify trends in the data, which included:

  1. Usage patterns compared with forecast usage
  2. Maintenance and failure alerts

What’s next?

We are gathering data that will help us to improve usage forecasting and predictive maintenances schedules for the ventilators, which will provide insights into how their performance can be optimized and asset uptime increased.

Key features of our Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution:

All of these features were customized to fit the customer's specific business objectives.

Location tracking

Continuous monitoring of the location of ventilators, including room, level, movement, and geofence limits.

Ventilator utilization

Using an IoT platform allows medical workers to remotely monitor ventilators, simply. This allows them to undertake other, more important aspects of their roles.

Alarms and alerts

Receive immediate SMS and email alerts when devices are moved from an approved location or fail to respond.

Automated reporting

Create custom reports of asset usage and location, and immediately identify when devices are under-utilized or have gone missing.

Predictive maintenance

Know when machine maintenance will be required based on individual machine’s characteristics, usage, real-time and historical data, as well as maintenance record.


Device management monitoring

Monitor and manage your devices at scale and identify where replacements or additional units may soon be needed.


Real-time ventilator monitoring.

The outcomes for the hospital driven by our Hospital Asset Tracking IoT solution.

Better visibility of vital assets Better visibility of vital assets

Using real-time location data means you have full control of where and how ventilators are being used.


Better triage & capacity planning Better triage & capacity planning

Knowing where and how your ventilators are being used allows you to better triage your patients and plan for the future.


Better resource utilization Better resource utilization

Misplaced devices result in reduced capacity to treat patients, so hospitals end up using scarce resources to replace them.


Save more lives Save more lives

Optimizing the utilization of the ventilators means more patients have access to more ventilators, and staff spend less time worrying about the ventilators and more time focusing on their patients


Lowers the cost of maintenance Lowers the cost of maintenance

Scheduled asset maintenance can mean taking assets offline unnecessarily, shrinking your pool of resources when you need them most. Predicting when action is required means you can avoid unnecessary downtime.


Automated reporting Automated reporting

Create custom reports and dashboards that are automatically populated and distributed to the relevant medical professionals and teams.



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