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Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization

Yellow Goods Management solution: managing yellow goods can be the most critical part of your operations.

The problem

Industrial and construction businesses depend on safe and reliable yellow goods like bulldozers, forklifts, turret trucks and front-end loaders for their success.

Under-utilisation and downtime means lost productivity or project schedule delays, so it’s critical to ensure that these resources are always sweating. The problems is, when they’re out in the field and always in motion, how can you keep a record of usage, utilisation, and breakdowns? The answer: our Yellow Goods Management solution.

Our Yellow Goods Management solution enables smarter, more efficient fleet management.

The solution

For our client, a materials handling rental company, the objectives for its IoT-enabled fleet was to improve control over the location and utilisation of assets, and ensure compliance to rental contracts. To achieve this, we created a real-time Yellow Goods Management solution on our integrated data, AI + IoT platform that integrates all relevant data sources and monitors asset performance remotely to provide all-new insights.

Defining what data to collect is critical
In order to create a solution to improve the company’s control over vehicle asset usage, we identified the key data to collect. Our Yellow Goods Management solution needed to include:

  1. Real-time tracking of assets
  2. Over 30 data points from CANbus
  3. Rental information, including: rental dates, engine time allowance, geofences, and leasing charges
  4. Accelerometer data
  5. Weather information

Initial goals of the solution
The first goal of the solution was to integrate the various data sources and to set up a hierarchical structure that would allow each fleet manager to see the information they require in a custom, white-labelled dashboard. This would need to include:

  1. Monitoring of real-time data received from the CANbus and accelerometer via web-based and mobile solutions
  2. Ensure device management monitoring was implemented
  3. The ability to define business logic to meet the fleet managers’ specific objectives
  4. Notifications via email or SMS messages when vehicle behaviour was not in accordance with a customer’s contract
  5. Collection of data for predictive analytics
  6. Provision of real-time vehicle asset location
  7. Testing of the application to ensure that all of the client goals were met


Vehicle Fleet Management & Optimization – Rayven


Before making the solution live, we tested four critical aspects of our Yellow Goods Management solution:

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform is built with security as a top priority and our proprietary security architecture ensures that data is secure at all points of the environment.

The solution includes data encryption in transit from device-to-cloud, as well as device authentication; security (Bearer) tokens; SSL, AES and RSA encryption; as well as additional device security checks done via automated polling.

As the devices are expected to work in highly-remote areas, the solution was designed to use low-band LoRa devices, which transmitted the data directly to our servers using a secure connection. To maximise battery life, data is only transmitted when a vehicle engine is on.

To ensure the system is always working – even when data isn’t being sent – a heartbeat pattern was implemented and a protocol put in place so that each device sends a device-to-cloud messages at least once every 24 hours.

Data integrity
Once data began to flow, the solution was tested to ensure reliable streaming connectivity from the devices and to confirm that notifications were raised when devices failed to communicate. In addition, notification thresholds were confirmed by fleet managers.

Industrial data science
The objective of exploratory data analysis was to observe trends in the data and compare them between different locations:

  1. Compare performance utilisation between vehicle assets and their contract
  2. Forecast which vehicle assets would be under- or over-utilised
  3. Forecast which vehicle assets would exceed their plan allowance

What’s next?

We are continuing to collect data and to work on improving forecasting accuracy. In addition, there are plans to roll-out hundreds of additional new fleets, all featuring our Yellow Goods Management solution.

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Key features of our Yellow Goods Management solution.

All of these features were included to meet our customer's specific business objectives, but our Yellow Goods Management solution can be simply customised to fit your precise needs.

Real-time fleet performance insights

Monitor the location and utilisation of every asset in your fleet, by customer, brand, or contract continuously and in real-time.

Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts and notifications by SMS or email whenever an asset moves from a geofenced area, or exceeds a performance or utilisation threshold.

Vehicle asset utilisation

Monitor the utilisation of all of your assets to catch underutilisation and downtime before it becomes a problem.

Device management monitoring

Telemetry device monitoring and management is often overlooked - ensure that your telemetry is properly functioning, with good battery life and has solid signal strength.

Incident and issue management

Be made aware of vehicle issues when they occur so that you can get equipment back to work faster.

Predictive maintenance

Combine historical maintenance records with telemetry data to create predictive maintenance models for your fleet.

Enabling smarter, more efficient fleet management.

Business outcomes from our Yellow Goods Management solution.

Increase revenue Increase revenue

With increased visibility of downtime and underutilisation of your assets, you can make certain that assets are not idle.

Reduce overall costs Reduce overall costs

Plan for maintenance based on activity to reduce the costs of unplanned service call-outs or penalties for missed deadlines.

Better customer service Better customer service

Your customers will enjoy better service when you can tell them how the asset is performing and arrange for repairs and maintenance proactively.

Extend asset lifetime Extend asset lifetime

Proactive maintenance of your assets based on usage monitoring will help them to last longer.

Improved asset management Improved asset management

Idle time, breakdowns, and misuse can all be better managed when you have continuous oversight of asset usage.

Greater predictability Greater predictability

Knowing where your assets are and how they are performing helps create greater predictability and reduces risk.

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