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Data Science is critical if you're to realize the full potential of AI + IoT.

Data Science Services

Data Science + Machine Learning is critical if you're to realise your data's full potential.

The challenge for most organisations is not that they don’t have data, but that it’s in disparate systems, different formats, and not comparable - Rayven can find an easy way through this for you.

Find the business-critical insights hidden in your data using our Machine Learning + Data Science services.

Data Science uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from any data and is critical to achieving transformative business outcomes from solutions built on our platform.

Rayven can support you with all the skills and expertise that you need to clean, combine, identify and then use the real-time insights from your key data within the Rayven integrated data, AI + IoT platform. And, if you’re looking to go a further, we’ll help you to utilise AI Dynamix and Machine Learning, assisting you to craft a transformative Industry 4.0 solution.

Business intelligence analysis Business intelligence analysis

We’ll help you to measure and model the factors that influence your business or operations performance, uncovering what the relevant data is to a particular use case and then helping you to find ways to measure it.

Data architecture Data architecture

We can bring all of your data together and into context – whether it is time series, relational, geographic – giving it a meaning that only can be achieved when looking at it all together.

Data mining Data mining

Although our platform is for live-streaming data, we can create a historical repository that enables you to go back and look for relationships in data that you weren’t looking for when you started collecting it.

Data accessibility Data accessibility

Instead of prospectively collecting data for every continuous improvement project, we can make sure that all of your data is immediately available for analysis with everything from SPC and Pareto charts, to statistical analyses and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Machine Learning

While statistical analysis seeks to uncover how things happen, Machine Learning focuses on finding patterns and predicting what will happen. We can help you to create your own algorithms or use off-the-shelve ones to dig deeper into your data and find its value.

Data visualization Data visualization

Even with the most powerful tools, we still learn about the world around us and look for patterns through sight. We can create meaningful visual insights that you can then use to make sense of your data.

Data Science needs Machine Learning.

Traditional analytics are adequate for a real-time IoT solution if it’s obvious what you need to measure and what you should do according to the data, but it’s often more complicated than that.

Machine Learning in Data Science

Data models used in traditional data analytics are often static and of limited use in addressing fast-changing and unstructured data. When it comes to IoT, this is a problem if it’s necessary to identify correlations between many sensor inputs and other data feeds which are rapidly producing millions of data points.

While traditional data analysis would need a model built on past data to establish a relationship between data sets, Machine Learning doesn’t; meaning you can use it when you know the answer that you want, but don’t know how to or which is the best way to get to it – it’ll show you the way.

Data Science needs Machine Learning.

Dig deeper into your data with Machine Learning: AI Dynamix.

AI Dynamix enables you to not only create, train and deploy Machine Learning models into your IoT monitoring and management solution using the Rayven platform’s Workflow Builder, but also to model and test algorithms again your data to discover trends and find ways of better monitoring (or optimizing) your operations. Completely programmable via a drag-and-drop logic, it comes pre-built into our integrated data, AI + IoT platform and enables non-developers to adopt dig deeper into their data or adopt predictive analytics within their  solutions.

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