IOT device management - Maintaining the health, connectivity, and security of IoT devices.

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How Rayven IoT Device Management Works

Rayven  IoT Device Management helps you in a secure manner to onboard, organize, monitor, and manage IoT devices at scale. The Rayven IoT Device Management system is fully encapsulated into the platform allowing you to easily connect devices to the cloud and other devices for a fast and easy deployment. Rayven’s IoT Device Management system includes a Security layer which sits and listens to the devices monitors the data flowing from the devices to insure security and the integrity of the data.

From device management to AI – A fully integrated enterprise solution

All the tools you need to manage & control millions of devices from one fully integrated interface

End to end Iot device management capability

Fast Device On-boarding

Securely bulk upload thousands of devices and their attributes in a click of a button. From device name, type and manufacturing year and assign them to groups , for easier device management.

Simple Device Organization

Organize your devices into groups and cascade them by hierarchy to make it easy to track, operate, and manage your devices according to your business and security requirements.

Locate Connected Devices

Search and find any IoT device in real-time. You can easily find devices based on all your device attributes like device name, device status, and seamlessly find specific devices so that you can take action on all your devices.

Easy Remote Device Management

make it easy for you to maintain the health of your device fleet. With Rayven Device Management, you can remotely update the software running on your devices after they have been deployed in the field – allowing you to ensure that devices are always running on the latest software.

Device Management

Register devices with unique identifiers for authentication. Inject metadata into raw device data. Create device groups for easier bulk management. Send commands to devices on-demand. Commands are actions that can be performed by the device.

Built in Firmware Update

Vulnerabilities with  devices have raised the need for a solid and secure firmware update mechanism. Incorporating such update mechanism to fix vulnerabilities, to update configuration settings as well as adding new functionality is easily done via simple web interfaces.

Commercial Device Management Applications

Rayevn’s IOT Device Management system allows you to easily bulk upload millions of devices, group them, arrange them based on any hierarchy structure, for example, you can group your devices to a specific room in a building and then create a sub group and group all rooms that are on the same floor, and then group all the floors within a building to a specific building and all buildings to a district. Using Rayven’s device management system you can understand in real time the state of any device, and set up notification and alerts to notify you on issues with your devices performance and perform actions across multiple devices, like configuration changes and firmware updates.

Industrial Device Management Applications

Rayven’s IoT Device Management enables you to connect a diverse amount of industrial type of devices, from PLC’s SCADA, energy meters, vibration sensors and be able to remotely manage and monitor connected devices deployed across multiple industrial facilities.
You can monitor usage and performance metrics for devices across any industrial sectors such as manufacturing, supply chain, oil & gas, and mining. Rayven’s security layer enables you to detect any unusual behaviors across your assets and use IoT Device Management to take action on that behaviours.

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