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Edge IoT Platform

Do everything you need to do at the Edge.


Rayven supports Edge processing to deliver unparalleled performance, making the difference when seconds matter.


Rayven fits your operations, infrastructure + needs - even at the Edge.

Some applications and Rayven deployments can benefit from having computing power closer to where your devices, data sources and people are. Edge computing abilities enable you to react faster to what's happening in the field so that you can always make the right decision, which can be critical if your solutions are being used to safeguard worker safety or the environment.

Our integrated data, AI + IoT platform can be deployed at the Edge on lightweight hardware anywhere in the world, facilitating rapid on-site data processing; making it ideal for workloads requiring long-term stability, security and scenarios where rapid decision-making by human or AI is critical.

Rapid data processing at source
Access + control Edge configuration, anywhere
Get enterprise security as-standard
Totally interoperable with your wider Edge stack
Scale deployments without coding
Get increased agility + improve readiness

Rayven gives you unrivalled data processing power + control where you need it most.


Rayven Edge Compute: do everything you need at the Edge.

Rayven has two approaches to Edge deployments, enabling you to create the Edge applications with rapid data ingestion, processing + analysis that you need, all whilst fitting your infrastructure, use case and needs.

Hybrid Edge Option 1:


Hybrid Edge Option 2:
On-Premise with optional cloud synch.


Why Rayven Hybrid Edge?

Edge-ConfigureSpeed + Latency:
The ability to make decisions at the Edge can be crucial. For example, if a vibration sensor is attached to a machine, with the machine programmed to shut down if vibrations spike, a one-second difference could be critical. With Rayven Edge Compute, this is achieved by acting on sensor values and making the shutdown decision locally.

Security: Edge computing eliminates the need to move data from end-points to the cloud and back, reducing the amount of communication between the devices and the vulnerability of the application.

Reduce data transfer costs: Your devices and sensors can generate hundreds of data points per second, and it’s likely you only care about long-term averages and/or anomalies. By filtering sensor values at a local level, you can reduce data noise within your solution and cut the number of payloads generated, saving bandwidth and data costs.

Data integrity: If your devices are deployed in places with intermittent internet service, you can use Rayven Edge Compute to accumulate data from the device before then, with connectivity, sending it all to the cloud in batches.

Solve data accessibility + quality challenges, simply.

Rapid real-time data processing.

Fits your needs + existing infrastructure.

Scale deployments infinitely, simply.

Every feature you need + others you’ll want tomorrow in one platform. 

Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy + delivering extreme capabilities; Rayven gives you an integration (iPaaS), ETL, Data, Workflow, Machine Learning, IoT, Analytics, AI + App Development platform in-one.

Pay only for what you do + get a platform that will grow with your business and needs - get started today, simply.


Explore some of our platform's other features:


Deployment + Infrastructure.

Rayven complements your infrastructure, it doesn’t compete.

Rayven and the application built on it can be deployed on your existing infrastructure, in our private Cloud, or on-premise. With enterprise security built-in, our platform can be easily configured, deployed and maintained without an IT team’s involvement, putting you in total control.

Integration + Data Ingestion.

Rayven is ultra-interoperable middleware that's can connect to any device, database, system, SaaS, machine, third-party data feed - anything - both fast and simply.

It does this using a unique toolkit of scripts, integration nodes and out-of-the-box connectors that can connect at a deeper, protocol level. The result is you can ingest data in any format, structure, static or time-series, via file import, and more.


Data Transformation + Real-Time Analysis.

Rayven makes it simple to clean, normalise + prepare all of your data for analysis - in real-time.

Beyond pre-processing, we make it easy transform you data and align it for the multiple purposes you may have for it; whether that's for use in Machine Learning and LLMs, executing machine control commands, pushing data elsewhere - anything.

Enterprise Security.

Security is central to everything we do, making our platform the most secure + reliable in the world.

Rayven features a host of vendor and proprietary security measures, including end-to-end encryption, API authentication, event monitoring, SSO, Rayven Defender (AI security), user access revalidation. We keep your data secure at all points.


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