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Smart Parking Solution

Get real-time insights, predict needs + seize efficiencies, simply.

Rayven is world-leading technology that enables you to easily create and deliver a custom Smart Parking solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Better monitor + manage your parking sites in real-time using a custom Smart Parking solution.

By using IoT technology and predictive analytics to centralise and analyse parking data in real-time, we can deliver real-world efficiency, sustainability, and management benefits for both the short- and long-term.

Our Smart Parking solution enables you to integrate infield devices, third-party systems, and assets to deliver real-time and predictive insights on how your parking sites are being used and how you can improve the way you manage them without inefficient site inspections. Our innovative solutions are built on our world-leading integrated data, AI + IoT platform, which comes complete with inbuilt machine learning, automation, and AI capabilities so you can create complete, custom Smart Parking solutions, simply.

Discover what you can achieve utilising data-driven insights and Industry 4.0 technology.

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Remote, real-time car park monitoring.

Deploy sensors and easily integrate them to get accurate, real-time metrics on usage, capacity, machinery health + more, without ever having to visit the site.


Set thresholds + trigger alerts: be condition-based.

Set-up thresholds and trigger alerts, moving from scheduled to condition-based management. Use automation + control to alert people, optimise machinery, and improve.


Build interactive dashboards + drill into performance.

Build custom dashboards to explore performance. Interrogate sources, analyse the different metrics. Easily interrogate Big Data sets.


Add predictive analytics + forecast outcomes.

Our solution enables you to utilise inbuilt predictive analytics with your own and third-party data to predict outcomes and enable you to better plan for future needs.


Fits all existing
hardware + technologies

Our Smart Parking solution integrates with any machinery, system, sensor, or data repository - guaranteed. Use it as a centralised real-time data processing platform.


Monitor more: add waste management, toilet monitoring, traffic - anything.

Incorporate different in-field sensors to develop a complete, real-time view of a site + enhance the way you monitor and manage a range of services.

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How your Smart Parking solution is put together.

New and existing data, (both real-time and historical), alongside custom logic, thresholds, and predictive analytics is used to create your custom Smart Parking solution.


Our solution can handle data from anywhere in any format, and at all levels:

Level 1 Data: Manual entry of data via custom forms built within our solutions.

Level 2 Data: Bespoke spreadsheet ingestion via FTP or manual uploads.

Level 3 Data: Integration of real-time data from OT / IT systems and corporate systems.

Level 4 Data: Real-time integration with in-field technologies, asset systems + in-field sensors.

Smart Parking solution FAQs.

Question: What is a Smart Parking solution, and why is it important?

A Smart Parking solution refers to a system that employs interconnected devices and sensors to enhance and optimise parking facilities. Such solutions typically use sensors placed in individual parking spaces to detect occupancy alongside cameras and visual identification methods. This data, along with other relevant information, is then relayed to central systems or IoT platforms for processing, real-time data visualisation, and as the basis for both customer and operator end-user applications. These tools together create an integrated ecosystem aimed at simplifying parking monitoring, management, and service delivery.

The importance of Smart Parking Solutions lies in addressing the escalating challenges of urbanisation, as well as the efficient management of geographically dispersed, remote sites. Through it, you can not only monitor usage in real-time, compare historical parking usage patterns, identify and predict maintenance needs, simplify management, and reduce unnecessary journeys, but get accurate data to drive better short- and long-term decision-making.


Question: What's involved in a Smart Parking solution?

Incorporating these components, a Smart Parking solution can transform traditional parking facilities into dynamic, user-friendly, and efficient spaces that benefit both the driver and the operator:

  • Sensors: These are often deployed in individual parking spaces or at the entrance/exit points of parking facilities. They detect the presence or absence of a vehicle and relay this data in real-time. Common types include infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and magnetic field sensors.
  • Camera-based systems: Cameras can be utilised for surveillance, ensuring security within the facility, or for license plate recognition to aid in payment and access control.
  • Data collection + transmission: These sensors collect data continuously or at set intervals. The data is then transmitted wirelessly to a central server or IoT platform via wireless networks like LoRaWAN (Long Range), NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT), or regular Wi-Fi and phone networks. Advanced IoT platforms can handle data from thousands of sensors simultaneously.
  • Real-time data analysis: IoT platforms analyse the data to generate insights into the sources and levels of pollutants. Patterns and trends can be identified and delivered to people via data visualisations and dashboards.
  • Mapping: Visualisation tools can provide real-time maps as well as predicted movements and future statuses based on historical data. These maps can be updated in real-time, allowing businesses and public administrators to make informed operational decisions.
  • Responsive actions + alerts: In advanced setups, the system can be integrated with communication systems and on-site machinery to deliver instant, automated optimisations. For instance, it is possible to create a solution that would direct users to the closest site using applications or identify machinery onsite that's in need of immediate maintenance.
  • Machine Learning + predictive analytics: Use an advanced platform's inbuilt capabilities to analyse multiple data sources, both real-time and historical data, to predict breaches based on conditions. Use it to make better decisions both via human and AI.
  • Application: IoT platforms can support worker, regulatory and public-facing apps and dashboards that deliver critical insights in real-time. These enable those responsible for monitoring and reporting on problematic areas to better manage sites, as well as supply necessary data to connected parties.

Question: How can real-time parking monitoring help government organisations and industrial businesses?

Real-time parking monitoring and Smart Parking solutions, through its data-driven insights and operational efficiencies, offers government organisations and industrial businesses an opportunity to enhance user experience, drive revenue, achieve sustainability goals, and make informed strategic decisions:
  • Optimised resource utilisation: For government bodies managing public parking spaces and for industrial businesses with extensive parking facilities, real-time monitoring ensures maximum utilisation of available spaces. This optimisation reduces the need for additional parking infrastructure investments.
  • Revenue generation: Government organisations can generate revenue through dynamic pricing based on demand. By analysing real-time data, they can implement peak-hour pricing or special event rates, thereby maximising revenue from public parking facilities.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Real-time data allows drivers to quickly find available parking spaces, reducing the frustration and time spent searching for a spot. This positive experience can also boost the reputation of the city or business.
  • Traffic flow management: By reducing the number of vehicles searching for parking, traffic congestion in and around parking facilities or city centres can be significantly reduced. This can have a cascading effect on improving overall traffic flow in the area.
  • Environmental benefits: Less time spent searching for parking means fewer vehicle emissions. This helps government organisations achieve sustainability goals and offers industrial businesses an opportunity to enhance their green initiatives.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Governments can use the collected data to make informed decisions about urban planning, transportation policies, and future infrastructure projects. For industrial businesses, this data can guide expansion, facility design, or workforce management strategies.
  • Safety + security: Real-time monitoring can be integrated with security systems to enhance the safety of parking facilities. Quick response to incidents, unauthorised access, or other security threats becomes possible.
  • Cost savings: Efficient parking management can lead to operational cost savings. Maintenance can be scheduled based on actual usage patterns, and there's less wear and tear on infrastructure due to reduced congestion.
  • Integration with other services: Government entities can integrate real-time parking data with other public services, like public transportation schedules or city events, providing a holistic solution to citizens. Industrial businesses can integrate it with other internal systems for seamless operations.
  • Transparency + accountability: Real-time monitoring allows for accurate tracking of parking revenues, occupancy rates, and other metrics, ensuring transparency for stakeholders and accountability for operators.

Question: What are the key features to look for in a Smart Parking solution?

When purchasing or creating an Smart Parking solution, it's crucial to look for:

  • Real-time data processing: Get immediate analysis and feedback on operational and maintenance status, and get instant alerts of problems.
  • Scalability: Ability to handle data from multiple sensors, systems and third-party systems spread across large areas. Expandability to accommodate growth in monitoring infrastructure and different sites - without blowing out costs.
  • Data analytics platform: Advanced tools for visualising trends and patterns. Predictive analytics for anticipating potential issues.
  • Integration: Compatibility with other IoT systems, legacy business systems, as well as external data sources and SaaS. API support for custom integrations and applications.
  • Geo-tagging +mapping: Precise location data and visualisation capabilities using maps for spatial understanding of sites.
  • Secure data transmission: Encryption and secure protocols to protect data integrity. Measures to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Alerting +notification system: Customisable thresholds for alerts. Multiple notification channels (email, SMS, app notifications).
  • Remote control, configuration + device management: Ability to adjust sensors and other machinery remotely. Over-the-air updates for firmware and software.
  • Cloud connectivity + storage: Data stored in a secure cloud environment. Easy access to historical data and trends.
  • User-friendly, fully-customisable interfaces: Intuitive dashboards and reporting tools, tailorable for different uses. Mobile access for on-the-go monitoring.

Your Smart Parking solution will integrate with anything, including:

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