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Ness is one of the early and largest Information Systems and Technology services companies in Israel. This is attributed to its hundreds of customers and thousands of professional employees, the company’s main asset. For over two decades, our employees have been the driving force behind our ability to execute on our core business and bring tangible value to our customers.

Ness is a company with decades of accumulated experience and a track record in successfully, effectively and efficiently managing some of the largest-scale and complex projects ever executed in Israel. As such, Ness has a deep understanding for what it takes to be a leading technology projects service provider, starting with the high level of professional expertise, deployment of quality assurance processes, effective management methodologies, and risk mitigation management. In addition, Ness sees high priority in training and development of its experienced and professional human capital that is carefully selected based on their capabilities to combine business orientation with profound technical knowledge and expertise. All these are leveraged by Ness to ensure project delivery on a timely manner to the customers’ full satisfaction.

For more information visit: www.nesscorporation.com.

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