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The PLF Australia (PLF) story started on a cattle property near Emerald in Central Queensland, owned by the Glenelg Cattle Company. The owners had another large-scale business in town and would have to go out to the farm each afternoon after work and spend the next 3-4 hours checking cattle, water, fences, etc.

With today’s technology, there had to be a better way, particularly utilising sensor technology to monitor and measure such things as water (level and flow), soil quality (moisture content and temperature), livestock (location, condition and growth rate).

From that PLF emerged and is now delivering sensor-based data, monitoring and measuring an array of farm operations, all onto an integrated software platform, able to be accessed by the farmer 24/7 on any mobile device that has an internet connection.


  • Animals - identification, location, health and growth, breeding
  • Water - levels, flow rate & volume and quality
  • Pastures - soil quality, moisture content, feed crops
  • Security - stock theft, predation
  • Operating costs - staffing, power, water, fuel
  • On-farm weather


  • Fields - identification, location, size, shape
  • Water - levels, flow and quality
  • Ground - soil quality, moisture content
  • Crops - Type, seasons, growth, condition
  • Operating costs - staffing, power, water, fuel
  • On-farm weather

For more information visit: plfaustralia.com.au.

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